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Very good basic sauce. I used pork cubes instead of chicken, left out the chicken broth, added a bunch of vegetables like eggplant, green bell pepper, sliced onions, and zucchini, and used oyster sauce because I had no fish sauce. Served it over brown rice. So thanks for a very flexible recipe.

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Donna Matthews September 25, 2010

This is really great!!! I made this vegetarian with tofu and lots of my extra veggies that I needed to use up. I wanted to test this on excess veggies before I applied it to meats. The flavor is wonderful!!! I used Thai Kitchen's Green Curry Paste and light coconut milk. I steamed some new potatoes and carrots for 15 minutes before adding them to the mix and I added some dried kaffir lime leaves (about 4 or 5) that I crumbled up. The kaffir lime leaves really made it, I got those online from savoryspiceshop.com. Thai Kitchen paste has kaffir lime in it but I wanted more intense flavor from those. I used Mori-Nu Silken firm tofu and just sliced it and it sort of crumbles in naturally. I like the texture better than extra firm so I went with that one. Also added some red pepper flakes. I used soy sauce instead of the fish sauce because my fish sauce crystallized because I had kept it in the fridge (I know you aren't supposed to but I couldn't help it,,,I think I will just use soy sauce in its place from now on). I really think that I will keep this vegetarian, I enjoyed it so much!!! I bet shrimp would be good in it too as well as the chicken. Thanks for the recipe!!

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Chef*Lee April 17, 2009

Great simple green curry recipe. I forgot the shallots and put in a bit more than a Tblsp of curry paste, to finish up the jar, but it still turned out really well. I'll definitely be making this again. The only change I might make next time is to add a little less brown sugar, just to suit my tastes. Thanks.

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libby12 October 08, 2007
Thai Green Curry