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This was a lovely recipe Noo. All the ingredients blended together perfectly to create a tasty dish. I couldn't find salsify so omitted it from the recipe. Made the recipe exactly as written and marinaded the chicken for 4 hours. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

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Baby Kato April 18, 2011

I used 4 medium boneless chicken breast for the 4 of us, and omitted the salsify. Other than that made as written. The chili peppers we especially enjoyed along with the coconut milk, a great touch too. This has to be made again, I say that because we usually don't have Thai food, but the flavors, and all 4 of us enjoyed this, and is definately worth having again.

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weekend cooker October 19, 2013

Yum!! We absolutely loved this. So easy! Unfortunately, I cannot find my mortar and pestle anywhere so I just used a little blender. I also didn't have chili peppers so I used a few chili flakes (very few as I didn't want it spicy for the little ones). Skipped the salsify.

I did not expect for this to go in our regular rotation but it's definitely going. One of my favorite ways now to cook chicken thighs. Thanks for posting!

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Empire920 June 10, 2012

This was easy, and very good! I used 2 thighs for two servings, but made the marinade as written. I saved out a couple of teaspoons of the marinade to add to the coconut milk (which I doubled) to make a sauce for the chicken plus the rice and vegetables I served on the side. I had to substitute cilantro stems for the roots, as I couldn't find the roots in any of my local markets. I loved the marinade! It is exactly the flavors in my favorite restaurant curry, so I can now enjoy that at home. Thanks for posting a great recipe!

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IngridH March 24, 2011

I used 600 grams of boneless skinless chicken thigh fillets and trimmed of excess fat which fed 3 of us nicely and oh the flavour (will get back to that) but I couldn't get coriander with the root so used some coriander leaves and dried coriander, only had one fresh garlic clove left and had to use jarred garlic to finish (can only get imported now and honestly Jensens organic minced garlic is superiour to the imported so called fresh) and used 2 thai red chillies deseeded and a hot madras curry and bunged the lot in a jug and stuck the the stick blender in and formed it into a paste and dipped the 600 grams of thighs (6 of them) into the paste and put the rest over and chilled. Cooked as recommended but I scooped the solids from the pan to put over the chicken (leaving the oil behind, will definately use less oil next time) and spooned the coconut milk over the chicken and then got to thinking, if used less oil just mix the coconut milk with what is left in the pan and give a light boil and pour that over the chicken instead of just putting the coconut milk over the chicken but which ever way it was a great dish and from the DM who had declared she does not like curry or spice devoured the lot, served with steamed rice and vegetables. Made for Please Review My Recipe, thank you Noo for a recipe I will be making again though for the DH I will have to use breast meat (too each their own).

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I'mPat November 10, 2010
Thai Fried Chicken