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This is OUTSTANDING! It was a little spicy, the way we like it. If I was making it for company, I might cut down on the curry paste or use "mild" curry powder (I used "medium") I used prawns instead of crab. I used chicken broth from a carton, so I combined 3/4 cup white wine (instead of marsala) and 1 1/2 cups of chicken broth. I poached the prawns in this liquid, then removed them and reduced the liquid to 1 1/2 cups. I think this added an extra dimension to the sauce. From reviews on Epicurious I decided to thicken the sauce by adding a couple of tablespoons of flour to the butter (except I used corn oil), onion, and apple mixture to make a roux before I added the wine/broth mixture. The ginger-tomato curry I made just as stated and I wouldn't change a thing about it except perhaps to double the recipe because it was so sensational. I have never had a "condiment" with pasta, but this just added a really interesting and delicious touch. I love this recipe, I would have been really happy and impressed to have been served this is a fancy restaurant. Thanks so much for posting it Ginny, you have a real winner here.

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Paja June 06, 2008

One of the members of my cooking and recipes meetup group made this recipe for our Asian themed party this past weekend, and I have to tell you it was scrumptious... Just enough heat to make it interesting but there was enough sweetness to make it truly sensational... Thanks so much for sharing this OUTSTANDING recipe with us Ginny! I'm in hope by bumping this up that more people will try it. It is a SENSATIONAL dish!!!

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Linda's Busy Kitchen October 03, 2008

Really tasty and easy to make. Made as written except for adding flour to butter mixture , adding 1/4 cup pasta to finish sauce and squirting with fresh lime juice. Used apple ginger chutney. Thanks GinnyP!

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Chef crazycookie September 26, 2014

Just made this for dinner. It's an okay, mild Thai-style curry, but I'm afraid the previous reviews might have raised my expectations too much to be really blown away by it. It's quite sweet with just a hint of heat from the red curry paste. The chutney is completely necessary. I just wouldn't have enough flavor without it. After tasting, I ended up adding some kaffir lime leaves and a little tom yum kha paste to punch it up a little. This actually makes quite a bit of sauce. I doubled the recipe so I could cover a pound of pasta, but it would have been enough as written - unless you like your pasta swimming, that is.

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Cinnamon Turtle December 04, 2011

My family has asked me to make this for us several times now and each time it is enjoyed to the max! We love everything about this recipe and it has fast become one of our favorite Thai meals thus far!

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~*~KissTheCook~*~ April 22, 2011

I am in the process of cooking this and so far it is awesome! The smells, the taste! I made a few changes, I added sweet rice flour with the apples, onions and garlic so it would create a roux, then the curry, then added white wine (no marsala on hand and some leftover wine in the fridge), then continued. I had read in one of the reviews about the color, so i added a little tumeric and a few threads of saffron. I also added a little sugar after tasting it and it being a little bit bitter. I added heaping spoonfuls of both the curry and the curry paste. After adding the coconut milk and letting it simmer for a bit, I pureed the sauce up with my immersion blender. Then i added some scallops and shrimp i sauteed before hand in butter and garlic and ginger. I also used rice pasta since i am wheat intolerant. Am just getting ready to serve this to hubby with the chutney which tasted awesome too! I cant wait to taste it all together! Great recipie! thanks Ginny!

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Chef calli February 20, 2010

The chutney really makes this dish amazing! I loved all the flavors that came when you took the first bite. I don't remember when I have been so pleased with a dish as I was with this one when I got compliments from everyone eating!

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BluEyedCookette August 27, 2009
Thai Curry Penne with Ginger -Tomato Chutney