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aka Tom Kha which is a traditional Thai soup that we always order at the restaurant. We usually get Tom Kha Gai (the Gai being chicken) so I left out the shrimp. I used chicken broth for the water and only used tofu for protein this time because I'm low on chicken. I added the sugar to taste and used less than a tablespoon. I have tried several versions of this soup and YOURS is the one that we have settled on. Hubby said to dump all the others and stick to this. I found it odd to discard the leaves etc because at the restaurant you just have to eat around them. But on the other hand, hubby usually eats them by mistake so I did take them out after all. I simmered them some more with new water and added that to the stir fry I also made.

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Chef Tweaker March 09, 2013
Thai Coconut Soup