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This wasn't to our liking. It might have been something to do with Thai and Indian foods not really being related; the mix of the two cuisines just didn't work for us.

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cookin freak. November 11, 2006

I made this last night and took the chance of testing on friends, which I don´t normally do!! It was an absolute winner! Mango chutney with Thai curry? Who would have thought it!! I had just used the last of the Red curry paste and took the chance of using Masaman. Had no red peppers in so used Spanish frying peppers. The rest was the same (I used 1 400ml can of milk) and my God, what a flavor! Thanks for this, a masterpiece.

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PhilH January 11, 2008

Kitten this was a culinary marvel. What flavour. I'm still in heaven. I have made this wonderful dish twice already...and will be making it again often. I personally loved all the flavours in this dish. It was sweet, tangy, hot, spicy, smooth and flavourful. I served mine with steamed jasmin rice. Thanks for sharing another winner with all of us...you rule.

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Baby Kato July 19, 2007

Oh my KittenCal, you've outdone yourself with this one. We had it for dinner last night with Basamati rice and Broccoli with Sesame Oil. YUMMMM!! The only thing is that it didn't say when to add the chopped red pepper so I put it in with the garlic and onions and it turned out fine so I suppose that's whatyou had in mind. Thanks for posting = we all loved it!!!!

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Shae Lin April 15, 2006

This is soooooo good. Thankyou and you're absolutely right it tastes like a recipe I tried from a Thai restaurant. I have been searching through many and this is the best to date!! I reduced the amount of Red curry paste to 1& 1/4 tsp and that was hot enough for us. Thankyou very much!!!

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Chef Decadent1 March 26, 2006
Thai Chicken Curry With Dried Apricots