Thai Chicken (Crock Pot)

Total Time
8hrs 5mins
5 mins
8 hrs

I like to serve this over rice that has been cooked in coconut milk.

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  1. Place chicken in slow cooker.
  2. Mix remaining ingredients except chopped peanuts and cilantro; pour over chicken.
  3. Cover and cook on low setting 8 to 9 hours.
  4. Sprinkle with peanuts and cilantro.
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I made this recipe today and my wife & I just now finished dinner. I gave my version of it three stars but I know it is at least worth four. I used chicken breasts rather than thighs in an attempt to reduce the fat content. Then, I let it cook too long (11 hours on low). This over-cooked the chicken (which was already, due to being breasts, fairly dry). But, despite my errors, it still turned out with quite good flavor. I can't wait to try it again with thighs and when I can better control the cooking time. I may just also add a bit more peanut butter 'cuz we really like that flavor.

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I really liked the idea of this dish, and maybe it would turn out better if I used the thighs (I used breast meat, cut into small pieces). I did cook it for 8 hours, but it was still dry (especially the pieces at the bottom of the crock pot--maybe mixing the sauce with the chicken first instead of pouring the sauce over the chicken would help). When I mixed up the sauce, it didn't seem like enough for 2 pounds of chicken--and it wasn't. I might double it next time. Also, I don't think the brand of salsa that I used was that great. I don't usually buy "hot" salsa, so I wasn't familiar with a good brand. That could make a difference.

I have been making this recipe for a few years now along with cooking my rice in coconut milk -- both are winners in our house! And FRESH lime juice gives this the best flavor IMO. I also would recommend lowering the cooking time to 6-8 hrs (on low) though.