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Top notch! I ate this the other night at TGI Friday's with my boyfriend and we split the entree. It was the perfect serving for us two (came with two medium pieces of chicken as the recipe requires), so I do not agree that this makes 4 servings. For four people, definitely double the chicken / marinade. I used polska kielbasa instead of chicken as you can see in the photo I uploaded. I will be making this again; thanks!

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pharmd14 July 27, 2011

did find the cheese... shredded too, it melted beautifully underneath everything.substituted American cheese for mild cheddar slices. yummy. I was very impressed. tasted as good as at the restaurant. sorry couldn't load a picture cause we ate it all. Next time I'll photograph the outcome before its devoured.

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gail j. December 12, 2013

I've never had this dish at TGIFriday's, but my husband has. So I'll take his word for it that he loved this copycat and it was close to the real thing. I loved the pepper medley a lot. The flavors were really good together.

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Fantastical Sharing June 25, 2012

The sizzling chicken and cheese is my absolute favorite at TGI Friday's and it was becoming costly to me because I was going out twice a week to get this. Every time I go there I order french onion soup, sizzling chicken and cheese and breadsticks and my ticket was normally around $20 each visit and if my hubby went with me our ticket would be at least $50 so I had to cut back. Oneday i was browsing the web and I was like I wonder if I could find their recipes to my fav dishes and bam here I found it. This recipe is AMAZING!!! It tastes exactly how it does in the restaurant, I was really impressed and happy! I make this once a week for me and my husband and it never gets old to us as well as the french onion soup and breadstick recipes. I could not find chihuahua cheese so i used oaxaca(which I found in walmart with the mexican cheeses) along american cheese and it was just great. I recommend this to anyone and everyone!

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Britbre23 June 04, 2012

This was so exciting to make. TGIFriday's sizzling chicken and cheese is my favorite meal there. I had to make a few changes, though. I don't like green peppers, so I used 2 red bullshorn peppers (very sweet; don't even need to scrape out the seeds). I didn't have chihuahua cheese, so I used our Kroger brand shredded "mexican cheese blend". Also, I used boneless, skinless chicken thighs. Other than that, I followed the recipe. ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! Just as good as (if not better) than my local TGIF. I talked to one of the managers at our local TGIF, she said I was pretty much on the mark with the recipe. TYTYTY!

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mamashari March 30, 2012

Excellent recipe, tastes just like the restaurant version and so easy to make. Real comfort food.

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giggle84 March 19, 2012

This is to die for. It's quick to cook just do marinate your chicken and it's a sinch. This is my favorite dish at TGI's. It tastes just like it and I served it in a skillet which made it wonderful. I could not fine the cheese so I used a mix of colby and montery jack cheese instead, it worked out great. THANKS

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smac450 January 17, 2011

My husband and I are Huge fans of TGI Fridays sizzling chicken and cheese. So when i made this i was kinda skeptical whether or not it would taste like it. Well after i followed the easy directions and we sunk our teeth in,,, OMG it was AMAZING... I was totally shocked, but it was so good this is a permanent recipe of ours now. Everyone should try this****

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amanda.o.bell March 26, 2010

I only used the marinade and topped the chicken with cheddar/jack as I'm not a fan of the cheeses called for in the recipe. I'll definitely keep the marinade in my repertoire, it would be great on shrimp too. I didn't bother pounding the chicken and it still cooked quickly without burning.

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Pomtini March 04, 2010

This was so, so good, and easy too! It tastes just like the TGI Friday's dish. That was my favorite dish from there, so it's a good thing I found this copycat because we don't have one close to use here in Puerto Rico. I left out the red pepper flakes, just as a personal preference. Thanks so much for sharing! This will be a regular meal here in our house.

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Mrs_Rodz February 16, 2010
Tgi Friday's Sizzling Chicken and Cheese