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Great cake. Made it for my son's birthday gathering this summer and it was perfect. Everyone enjoyed it!

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RedHotBeads August 29, 2003

I made this for a church catering job so I didn't get to taste the completed cake but wanted to at least comment on the recipe. It was very easy to make and I liked the addition of cinnamon in the batter which was different from other recipes. The icing was very tasty and also very easy. I didn't use a mixer for the icing just mixed the sugar in with a spoon. Left out the nuts. Thanks for the recipe! -Nov 14, 2005. Update: I finally had a chance to make this again, this time for a co-worker's birthday. I used a whisk to mix the icing by hand (instead of the spoon I used last time). This was awesome with vanilla bean ice cream and it got many many compliments by my co-workers. I will definitely be making it again as it was so simple to make and tasty to boot! Thanks again for the recipe!

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flower7 August 27, 2008

I have made this twice now and everyone loves it. It reminds me of the cake a friend of my moms used to make that I loved so much as a little girl. Thank you.

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liltle fruitcake December 26, 2007

Am currently just commenting and not adding stars. I made this as the "field" for DSS's soccer balll birthday cake. We were on a tight schedule all week and so had to bake on Wednesday for a party on Saturday. This was a very easy cake to mix up (yummy batter!) and it baked nicely in 40 minutes. I did not, however, make the accompanying icing since we had to frost it green (like grass). Also I didn't have a taste of it 'til Saturday, so by then it wasn't as fresh as it could have been. The flavor was still good but I'm sure would have been better the first day. I will make this again when the occasion arises, and review again with stars.

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ReeLani October 18, 2006

Everybody liked this one! I took this to a fellowship dinner at church and it was gobbled up! I didn't have sour cream so I used vanilla yogurt. Otherwise, I followed directions exactly. Thanks so much for posting!

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Sharon123 February 14, 2004
Texas Sheet Cake