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Close enough to Texas Roadhouse rolls to me! They were a hit and the whole family loved them! Much easier roll recipe than others I've tried. If you need to make dinner rolls....give these a go! :)

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stephiehawk February 09, 2011

4 stars because they are not Texas Roadhouse rolls...but they are wonderful non the less! I was not at all disappointed by this recipe and I'd like to mention that I've NEVER made yeast rolls in my life and they were so easy. My family was really impressd!

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burton112770 November 26, 2009

Prep time should be edited to say 3 hours! This is the second time I have attempted these rolls. For a novice like myself the directions are simply unclear. Scald your milk (heat to 180 degrees) first so it will cool enough, melt butter so it also has sufficient time to cool. Soften the yeast? What does this mean? I let it sit for 15 minutes and it nearly spilled out of the bowl! I dumped it and started over, only letting it soak for 5 minutes. When you you add the milk? The directions never say but it goes in with the yeast mixture. I added 3 cups of flour to produce a medium batter and it had to sit for nearly 30 minutes before it appeared foamy. I added 4 more cups of flour for the final result. I used my KitchenAid mixer with the hook attachment to get me through all but the final 7th cup of flour; that final cup I added by hand, slowly, while I kneaded by hand. Kneading took about 15 minutes but I never would have described it as "satin" in appearance. For the brief rest of an undocumented amount of time (while you prep and grease bowl) I allowed the dough to rest for about 5 minutes, uncovered. I allowed the dough to rise for 75 minutes, covered, before it had doubled in size. In step 19, after the dough has been cut and shaped into roll-esque pieces, waiting for them to double in size seemed to take an eternity. It felt like my final week of pregnancy. Should I have covered them? It would be nice to have this info. I make bagels on a regular basis for my husband. Everyone says how difficult bagels are to make...obviously they've never made rolls. =/

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Hester R. November 11, 2013

Not a bad recipe...It is not TRH rolls for sure but still has a pretty good taste. I am traveling the www in search of great TRH copy cat recipes. I would rank this one #3 of 9 on our rolls so far. :-).<br/><br/>The Baker!

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TRHBaker May 01, 2013

I made the rolls today for some relatives. They were great! They wanted to eat just rolls and not the steak. We ate a lot of them and I sent some home with them. I made the cinnamon butter with it and it was so good!

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Skminers13 April 15, 2012

First off, I have to say that these are nothing like the Texas Roadhouse Rolls we get at our local restaurant, however, these are still very good rolls. I scaled this recipe back to make 1 dozen and the recipe was sooooo easy. I had to add about 6 tbs more flour than called for in the scaled down recipe, but the dough was a dream to work with. They were a little more crusty on the outside and nice and light on the inside. Went wonderful with some homemade cinnamon sugar honey butter. Thanks John for posting!

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Houseblend January 07, 2008
Texas Roadhouse Rolls Recipe