Texas Roadhouse Copycat Cinnamon Butter

Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 3 mins

I have discovered a few years back how Texas Roadhouse does their butter-This is THEE closest thing to the real deal!! Easy, simple and very yummie. By far our most favorite restaurant that we wanted to bring home and here it is!! Great on sweet dinner rolls, pancakes, waffles-just about anything-even corn on the cob!!"

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  1. In a small bowl, with a handmixer, beat butter till fluffy.
  2. Add confectioner's sugar at a time, blending well.
  3. Add cinnamon to mixture and blend well.
  4. Scoop into a small container-serve immediately or refrigerate.
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I've made this a few times and it was great, but I thought it was missing the honey component that the restaurant's version has, so I added about 3 tbsp honey and it was much closer in both taste and consistency.

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I think this recipe is perfect as is! Texas Roadhouse puts honey in their *rolls*, not in their cinnamon butter. So you might want to try the copy cat recipe that includes 1/2-cup honey in the dough ingredients if you're missing that distinctive honey flavor.

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I agree with another reviewer that said this was missing honey to be a match for Texas Roadhouse's butter, but I still thought it was fabulous on toast and muffins as-is. Thanks for posting! Made for PAC Spring 2014