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Excellent recipe. Sweet, smoky, spicy. Everything you could want with ribs. Authentic to boot! (Ft. Worth, TX). Great in the oven too. I modified it slightly as I think there is an error in printing. I might be wrong though. 11 ounces of chili powder completely overpowers the rub. Bring it down to 2 - 5 Tbl and it's purrrrfect. I also prefer to smoke for just a little while longer at a lower temp. 225 - 250. Make sure you don't place the ribs over the direct flame or they'll get dry. Another note, learn how to dress the meat otherwise you'll be operating at a disadvantage. BBQ isn't rocket science, but it does take effort. GREAT RECIPE!!! Thanks riffraff.

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pcar773 September 05, 2009

I made these ribs this past weekend. The sweet and spicy combination works really well. They were such a hit I've been asked to make a bunch more. I smoked them with apple wood.

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Daninnewjersey May 05, 2011

Five stars all the way. I have paid for BBQ Ribs that didn't hold a candle to these ribs. The ribs were smokey and were fall off the bone tender. I am dealing with a bunch of "Gerber" months, so I only used 2 tsp. of cayenne. I made half of them with the brown sugar honey sauce and the other half using my BBQ sauce. I would say I liked the honey sauce better. The sweetness of the honey complimented the spicyness of the rub. Weather was comming in and they spent the last 2 hours in the oven. They still turned out great. Thank you for a great recipe.

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Roger/OH May 15, 2005

I've never had a "Texas Rib" and will admit that I am a huge fan of baby backs. But this recipe was just great, and we scarfed these up like little piggies. I followed the instructions on this recipe to the letter, and the end result were sweet, tangy ribs, with just the slightest kick at the end. Easy to follow directions, that walked me right through the smoking process. I christened my new pit smoker with this recipe, and did I ever make a great choice. I also used the rib rub on some chicken wings that I smoked the last hour and half, which were really good too. Definate keeper recipe here, that we'll be making again.

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bratty March 16, 2004

I don't know why I hadn't seen this one before but I will tell you I actually went out and bought a smoker just for this recipe. I wanted to make these for labor day but the weather wasn't cooperative, luckily I took an extra day off so I could spend time tending to these bad boys. I had a 6 lb rack that I cut in half for easy smoking. Truely fantastic succulent Texas style ribs. Wish I could give you 10 stars for this one. They are really that GOOD!

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Just Cher September 02, 2003

First off I have to admit, I did not smoke my ribs because it was cold and rainy. But I plan on using this recipe again and smoking them. With that said, this rub was awesome! I followed the majority of the recipe exactly, but like a lot of the other reviewers I only used 2 tablespoons of chili powder and it was more than enough! I rubbed the ribs and let them sit just like you suggested and then put them in a 350 degree oven for about three hours. I basted them with the honey after an hour and then a couple more times before they were through. My husband said these were the best ribs he had ever had, and I really took that as a compliment seeing as he used to work at a bbq restaurant! And of course being from Texas we know good bbq! I cannot wait to use this recipe again when I am able to use the smoker! Thanks for the awesome recipe!

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Lacy S. March 11, 2010

The best ribs I've ever cooked! The sweetness of the brown sugar and honey compliments the spicy taste of the dry rub perfectly. The secret is covering every inch with ample amounts of honey and brown sugar. My wife loves dipping the ribs in the leftover "goo" of the honey and brown sugar. Plus these are so easy to cook !

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jim April 22, 2007

I tried this recipe on beef ribs and it was fantastic. This has a great blend of heat and the honey and brown sugar give it a balanced sweetness. I was a little worried about the cooking time but the ribs turned out moist and juicy

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Marc with a C July 05, 2005

We just thought these needed BBQ sauce, maybe because that is what we are used to. The flavor was mostly the Chili powder, and when I put the honey on them, it just kinda ran off, like melted. Maybe I was suppose to let the ribs cool first. The few bites I did taste the honey, did give it more balance with the chili powder.

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Baby Chevelle August 03, 2009

I give this 4 stars because I liked itm but the rest of the family didn't, they found it was way too hot. The recipe calls for 11 oz (??) of chili powder, that's almost 1 1/2 cups !! I used 2 tbsp. and it was still hot. I will make it again Riffraff, not for my wussy family, but my friends will like them.

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Chef Dee September 12, 2005
Texas BBQ Ribs