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Very Good! I used 6 Avocados and it came out perfectly! Thanks for posting! I have tried alot of different version of the Casa Ole green sauce and in my opinion this is the closest and that is saying alot as Casa Ole has been my favorite restaurant since I was a kid!

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Stacy Likes ta Cook March 26, 2009

My family loves this and the only reason I did not give it 4 stars is bc I have to up the seasoning in it...needs much more garlic powder and salt than called for. I also use fresh lime juice instead of the lemon and less sour cream. Try adding some fresh jalepenos for a kick...just throw them in the food processor with everything. This is a very good recipe. I have already made it 3 times and it never lasts more than a day!!!

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Dana T June 30, 2010

I don't like it when people change things around on a good recipe, but to save work and buying extra ingredients, I bought a guacamole dip, 12 oz. Since it is already seasoned with salt, jalapeno, and garlic, I cut back or eliminated. This is what I used: guacamole dip, 16 oz sour cream, 4 oz cream cheese, 1/4 t. salt, 1/4 t. garlic powder, 1 t lemon juice, and a 7 oz can of Salsa Verde (a green tomato, tomatillo sauce in Mexican grocery isle). The dip is pretty garlicy and salty, so adjust to taste. Jalapeno is not needed to a kick, because the dip has that too.

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chickenpants April 12, 2009

It was a great sauce, just not the flavor I was looking for. I tried a second time with half the cream cheese and two extra avocados, i also added 3 or 4 dashes of cholula hot sauce which seemed to kick it up a notch. I enjoyed it

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ChezMindle December 29, 2008

GREAT COPYCAT RECIPE!! If you love Casa Ole green sauce, then you will LOVE this! I just wish you had a recipe for the red sauce too!! The only change I made was that I decreased the salt by half. PERFECT!! BTW- I beleive the restuarant adds a tiny bit of green food coloring to theirs as well. THANKS!

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RecipeSeeker August 06, 2008

This is VERY tasty! I added 1 tsp of hot sauce. Next time I think I would up the cream cheese to at least 4 oz to help thicken it up a bit. I'll cut it in half next time as well as it does make a party sized batch. Also - it is better after it's chilled a few hours. Aside from using it with tortilla chips, I served it as a sauce with some spicy grilled shrimp & prawns and it was wonderful with that.

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Debi May 18, 2008

This is very addictive. I followed the recipe with two exceptions. I used reduced fat sour cream and approximately 4 oz of cream cheese (what I had on hand). This make a large batch. I served this with baked tortilla chips. Thank you for sharing your recipe. Made for Spring PAC 2008.

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Doing it Right May 06, 2008

I'm a Tex gal myself(until 5 months ago anyway)and I've seen/tried a heck of a lot of "green" sauces. This one peaked my interest to try . Well Dang if if I'm not hooked! I like this as much as my dad's version of green sauce!(And that is ALOT!)I'm having to resort to Veggie dippers for this, because my hips do not need me to eat the # of Tortilla chips that I could go through with this!Thanks for sharing the recipe KMLWPA.And blessed be!

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Bert's Kitchen Witch March 22, 2007

This is really good stuff! Amazingly good stuff! It's avocado season here now and one of my veggie daughters came to visit and we had this as an appetizer for our Sabbath lunch. I halved some pitas lengthwise and them brushed them with olive oil and sprinkled on some zaater. Left those on the hot plate that was heating up our food and they were nice and crispy in time for lunch. We had this green sauce spread on the pita chips and it was delicious. We also had hummous and smoky eggplant spread on the table, but those two were ignored, the avocado sauce was inhaled, the bowl wiped clean and my daughter went home with the recipe. The only change I made to the recipe was to use a soft, 3% fat white cheese instead of the cream cheese. Thanks so much for posting, it was sublime!

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Mirj January 08, 2007
Tex-Mex Green Sauce