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The flavor in these is great, and I found that they freeze really well. I thawed them for a few minutes in the microwave, then popped them in the toaster oven till they were crispy again. I didn't care for the dipping sauce, but I think there might be an ingredient or two missing. Edited: I made more filling than I had wrappers for, and had the leftover in the fridge. It was a cold, damp evening, so I heated some frozen turkey broth left over from the smoked T'giving turkey. I added this filling, diced chicken and a splash of white wine. Made an awesome soup!!

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anne in apex March 10, 2004

Disclaimer: I made these, but from the original Southern Living recipe, not this one. I made them with hot sausage. I made the rice and put together the meat mixture (minus the rice and cheese) the night before cooking them. I also made the dipping sauce the night before. Then, I assembled the filling and started making the egg rolls. I had never fried anything in my entire cooking experience, but this went ok. I was able to make 33 eggrolls from the recipe, and they were not skinny. I thought that the dipping sauce was too runny, I would omit the sour cream next time and add some salt - it just needed something. My grocery store doesn't carry the diced Mexican tomatoes, so I used diced with chilies that I could find. Bottom line - everyone LOVED these egg rolls, totally raved about them, and I'm going to make them again for a pot luck I'm attending this weekend.<br/>Update 9/24 - I've made these 4 more times, and even though they do take some time, they are totally worth it. I have nailed the dipping sauce - I only use 1 can of Rotel tomatoes, and no sour cream, and I add about 1 tsp of sea salt. It's perfect.

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WorkingMom2three September 24, 2013

I made these using chorizo sausage and they really hit the spot!

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MixingItAllUp September 28, 2011

Loved this recipe Sharon!! I veganized this and it turned out wonderful!! I was going to use vegan cheese shreds but after reading the reviews & some said it was good without I just added some nutritional yeast instead. We did try some with corn and then some in corn tortillas as well. All were great! DH said he was expecting them to be a bit spicier so next time I'll use the hot Rotel (I used the original). I think this would also be great with the Mexican Cilantro & Lime Rotel. Thanks for another keeper Sharon!! Napped for Veg*n Swap 25!!

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Mindelicious August 21, 2010

I only made the sauce, but man, was it good. I used reduced fat sour cream and no scallions. I was looking for a nice substitute for quacamole to go with my fajitas as my grocery store has been out of avocados for way too long! This hit the spot - very fresh tasting and yummy. :)

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megs_ November 16, 2009

These are amazing! I did forget to add the cheese and only put about a tablespoon into each wrapper after I noticed, but it didn't matter. I honestly don't think they would have needed the cheese at all! I wish I could give it more stars, this will in regular rotation here for sure!

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Tashak January 22, 2009

After making this again we decided to give it 4 stars. As mom, it was easier to make them tonight. Not sure if it was because we had the filling ready and chilling in the fridge or if it was because when using the spring roll wrappers we double wrapped them so they were a little more sturdy. Thanks again for a great recipe. We couldn't agree on how many stars to give this one. It ranged from 3 to 5. We used spring roll wrappers, and low fat versions of the cheese and sour cream because that is what we had on hand. I cut the amount of green onions because the ones we had were pretty large. We all enjoyed the rolls, some liked the sauce, some felt the sauce was ok but too strong and the kids didn't like the sauce at all and used ranch dressing instead.

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whtbxrmom January 21, 2009

These were pretty good. They didn't freeze very well though :( They turned into total mush. The sauce is really very good though!!

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Herb-Cat September 02, 2008

These are REALLY GOOD, especially the first night. Make sure you pile on the dipping sauce! I tried to freeze them then thaw them in the microwave and they were a bit soggy. Another reviewer had another method but I couldn't remember how they did it. I ate them soggy, they were that good!

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mksmith February 15, 2008

This was the first recipe I made from this site. I picked a winner. I used the chorizo sausage and it was excellent. We also loved the dipping sauce. Even my picky 5-year old ate them for supper and lunch the next day!

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mel-the-mom March 27, 2007
Tex-Mex Egg Rolls With Creamy Cilantro Dipping Sauce