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This was so unusual that I just had to try it. It was wonderful! I fixed it with a BBQ pork dinner and the flavors went together so well. Thanks for posting this one, more people ought to try it - especially with summer BBQs.

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Mysterygirl June 08, 2002

Fixed this with a mexican dish. Oh my goodness. Quite likely one of the best salads I have ever fixed. I didn't even eat any of the mexican entree, I just ate this. Definitely a keeper.

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Bogey'sMom June 23, 2002

Every time I serve this, I get asked for the recipe. It is better the next day and I like to use the small grape tomatoes in it, as they are sweeter. Also, I have used the mixed Mexican cheese, shredded, several times and it was "fantastically" received. This is very rich and a little bit goes a very long way. Use a large ice cream scoop (for a round serving) or an empty tuna can to make a "stacked salad mold"; place it on a bed of lettuce with extra salsa and guacamole on the side. Great luncheon dish! Thanks so much for the terrific recipe!

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Lutie October 23, 2007

I made this for a neighborhood ladies luncheon last week. It was SO good! Everyone was asking for the recipe even before they tasted it because it looked so pretty layered in the bowl. I prepared it as shown except for using Red Bell Pepper instead of Green (just because I had one on hand). I personally think it could use more cheese, but that's just me. I gave some of the leftovers to my SIL and she called last night and said they heated them up and put more salsa on top and it tasted great! This could be very versatile. I can see why this has received 5 stars across the board. Very good!

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Love2Experiment April 04, 2010

This was easy to make & great to eat! I doubled the cornbread, sour cream & salsa and used 8 oz. of bottled ranch dressing in place of the mayo & mix. Next time, I will make it a day in advance to allow the cornbread to absorb more liquid. Thanks for a great addition to my salad recipe collection!

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SusieQusie January 16, 2006

Impressed! I downsized to 4 servings so I could do practice run before serving company. I used pinto beans, the tomato mixture is perfect ( heat level fine, used colored pepper instead of green) and when making the dressing consider that dry ranch dressing has 3 tablespoons worth in 16 oz packet, and dressing is also excellent. The hardest part is deciding what clear container to showcase in. Lol! Colorful too. Might need more cheese.

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WiGal March 03, 2014

I have used a similar recipe in the past, but i like this one because it has more of each ingredient. You need more, because this is the first dish to go and every party I take it to. AND, I USUALLY USE IT AS A DIP W/TORTILLA CHIPS! I have made this several times and it is a tedious dish to make. Here are some tips. I have used regular onion instead (i like better, has more flavor) and I use two packages of precooked (cook a little longer to get nice and crispy for easier crumbling). Don't be afraid to use all the corn -it seems like a lot and I am always tempted not to use it all, but it gives the dip a sweet contrast -it is essential to the dish. And yes, I also use more cheese - like double. One more thing - I usually use a 9 X 13 and this dish will fill it to the very top, it is much easier to use something larger.

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parttimekook October 25, 2010

I used my homemade cornbread recipe (made in 8x 8 inch pan); cubed and layered as instructed. I also used half black beans & half kidney beans. This was very good. I think people would've been more inclinded to try it if I had put it in a clear dish vs. a bowl that you couldn't see through. Everyone that had it liked it a lot, some went back for seconds and asked for the recipe :)

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Larawithoutau July 05, 2010

Add me to the list of 5 star reviews. My family loved it and I'm certain this will be in my recipe box for summer parties and get togethers. The flavors keep you coming back for more. Delicious!

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MaryB2 May 11, 2010

I brought this to my company potluck and got rave reviews! I made it exactly as written and it turned out perfectly. It made so much, we had some left over, and it did fine for a day or two after. It was delicious, thanks for sharing!

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Barenaked Chef January 29, 2008
Tex-Mex Cornbread Salad