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This is really a review of part of this enormous recipe--which I scaled down to miniscule. I loved the carmelized adobo onions--I did make a full batch of those and they are great! Rather than make the salsa (as I making a burger for one) I had a slice of avocado over which I squeezed some lime juice and a slice of tomato with my burger. For the burger itself, I skipped the corn and used just a touch of chipotle, along with the seasonings and some queso blanco. Finally, I skipped the garnishes altogether--made myself a quarter-pounder of a Texotic-Mexotic which I confess to eating with a knife and fork. I am somehat of a burgr purist--don't really like burgers with tons of stuff--but this combo of the burger with avocado, tomato, carmelized adobo onions and some queso blanco is delicious! And even though I didn't do the 20 servings of mini burgers with chips, etc., I think it's a brilliant concept and that you bunch of Exotics more than deserve five stars.

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Chef Kate July 05, 2007

These were pretty good! I think the suggestion to add a little salt to the salsa is a good one. Maybe my lime was too big, but the salsa was very tart and limey, and could probably have used a little salt to counteract the acid. I used the Tostito Scoops for these, which made a perfect little bite-sized appetizer. My favorite part? The adobo onions. Yum!

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Chilicat June 24, 2007

I cannot begin to tell you how amazingly good these are!! I have had this recipe saved forever and I have always eyed it to make. I finally got all the ingredients to make it and OMG it is just amazing in flavor and such a yummy finger food. It is rather time consuming, but oh so worth it! I used the scoop style tortilla chips and went exactly by the recipe except for the salsa, I didn't use the tequila and I adding chopped onion and 2-3 cloves of minced garlic, salt and pepper, the way I like it. I did cook the mini burgers for 10 min. then set the oven on broil for 5 more minutes to get the tops toasty and drained off the fat. I do recommend to let the burgers cool a little first before assembling because when you place them on the tortillas while they are hot and juicy, the tortilla chips get soggy fast. I had leftovers the next day, and wanted to assemble them fast and left off the refried beans, and they were still delicious this way and you didn't miss them. So next time I may skip the step of the beans since it added so much extra time during assembling. I think this recipe would be an amazing recipe for regular burgers as well! Thank you so much for the recipe! It is an absolute favorite that I will make again and again!

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*pink* July 20, 2016

Tried this recipe last night and it was a huge hit!! Super yummy!! Although I love Mexican-inspired flavors, this was my first time using adobo sauce....and I have to say, I didn't know what I was missing. Those onions were pretty much the best part and I can't wait to incorporate them in other dishes. Instead of chips, I sliced some hard rolls into about 1/2 think slices then used a circular cookie cutter close to the size of the hamburgers and did a nice little stack. Definitely try this recipe, you don't be disappointed.

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aplaceinthesun80_4934202 January 27, 2011

This was fantastic! I loved all the different flavors all in one little bite. I will definetly be making these alot more. Would be great with some sliced jalepenos or some crispy onion strings sprinkled on top too!

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Chef Chrysta July 28, 2008

Very good! I skipped using the beans and made the recipe into a nacho that I baked in the oven after the onions and burgers were cooked. It turned out really well. Yum!

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EmilieLearnstoCook June 12, 2008

I made these over the weekend, and we loved them! I especially enjoyed the caramelized onion topping. Since I was also making grilled chicken for dinner, I made the appetizer version of these. I pretty much followed the recipe as written, with these exceptions: I used salt with the meat and the Tomato and Avocado Salsa (we're pretty attached to our salt around here), I used queso Oaxaca for the cheese (I had a surplus), and I made my own refried beans (I rarely buy canned refrieds anymore). This was a great appetizer to hold the guys over while they waited for the chicken to be ready. So cute, too!Thanks for posting!

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Muffin Goddess June 19, 2007

These burgers are so good! I made 6 regular size burgers, but I'm sure they would make brilliant appetizers. The flavors work well together, and there is just the right amount of the "exotic" ingredients to keep a good hamburger texture. These would taste great on tortilla chips, but since I made them big, I made Sharon123's Yeast Corn Rolls, which worked quite nicely with these burgers. Thanks for a great burger experience!

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pattikay in L.A. June 13, 2007
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