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I was intrigued by this recipe, so when the chance rolled around to make a recipe for a chef whose name began with M, for the Chef Alphabet Soup Game, I jumped at it. I got the eggplants out, and read that I needed coconut oil. That is something that has never been in my kitchen, so I used bland vegetable oil instead. I had the other ingredients, including the galangal. The baked eggplant was tender and very nice. The sauce didn't seem quite right, so I added some coconut milk. This brought the flavor up to OK on the eggplant. The tomato-galangal-lime combination is unusual in my experience. The strange thing is that the flavor seemed to grow on me, and, as the evening went on, I tried the sauce on fried food I was cooking, and it was very nice! So, I'm confused. I don't know the background of this cuisine at all, or what foods this sauce would typically be used with. I also don't know how much difference the lack of coconut oil and the addition of coconut milk would make, so I don't feel qualified to give a rating. But thank you for the experience. I'm glad I finally tried it.

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mianbao November 09, 2003

Very tasty. I have also made the tomato sauce by itself to use as a relish

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KJ August 10, 2004
Terong Belado (Eggplant with Chilli Sauce)