Teriyaki Sauce - Homemade

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 0 mins

This sauce will store indefinitely and actually improves during storage as a result of the melding flavors. Use on rice, chicken, fish and Japanese dishes, hamburgers and as a marinade for steaks


  1. Place all ingredients into a blender and let it go for a few minutes, until well blended Store in the refrigerator.
Most Helpful

This is very good! It's hard to find teriyaki where I live so this is great! I use less soy and skip the ginger altogether and it's still good. I boil mine on the stovetop w/ some hot water as needed for about 7 minutes to make it more syrup like.

~Kat~ October 22, 2009

Good Stuff! I was looking for a teriyaki sauce to use in OAMC rice bowls, and decided to try this one. The only ingredient sub I made was fresh ginger instead of ground (don't keep it on hand). I also changed the method, putting all of the ingredients in a saucepan, and reducing until it had the consistancy I wanted. This had great flavor, a bit peppery, and not sickly sweet. I used it warm as a dipping sauce for grilled salmon as well as in my rice bowls. It freezes great, without any loss of flavor. Definately a winner!

IngridH March 22, 2008

I tried this recipe once to use it with leftovers ie. rice, pasta, meat that gets a wee dry after a few days in fridge etc......... My son AND DAUGHTER (she's quite the picky eater!) both LOVED it; they have asked me to make more teriyake sauce as a treat to otherwise bland leftovers. Besides, the first batch i made stored for months in the fridge without losing its delicious flavour. Thank you. Frederique

Frederique April 12, 2004