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I couldn't wait to try this recipe but I have to say they were not that great. I agree with another comment that they lacked flavor. I also found them to be crispy and I prefer a more chewy cookie. I would also like to say that the recipe is a bit confusing when you read the instructions it sounds as though your suppose to crack the eggs into the butter like I did but actually you should be cracking the eggs into the first bowl???

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luccout November 14, 2006

I was so excited to find this recipe after watching Diane Sawyer's interview with Teri Hatcher and thought her cookies looked so delicious. However, I was disappointed in this recipe. I followed the directions exactly and my cookies turned out a little more crisp than I like them. I tried baking them for a shorter time on the second batch, but they were still a little crisp for my taste. I also felt they didn't have much flavor. I didn't add the cinnamon, perhaps that would have given the cookie a better flavor. I gave the cookies to the kids and didn't say a word, but they noticed right away that they weren't the same cookies I normally make. They told me they liked my original chocolate chip cookie recipe better and I have to agree with them. Thanks for posting the recipe, I did enjoy giving them a try!

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Kim D. August 23, 2005

yummy! I made 2 batches added toffee bits to 2nd batch. (omited cinnamon) I didn't know how much they would spread so scooped out as suggested made 14 great sized cookies. Easy & quick to make. Thank you for posting.

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mazequeen February 23, 2005

lizzyliza! I too Had to try these cookies and found recipe thru search.It was definitely as tasty as they looked! I also posted this recipe and it is pending so I will delete it since you beat me to it. I also made these with a ice cream scoop and then broke the scoop of dough into two. Place 9 on my air bake sheet and they were perfect in about 15 minutes! Delicious and the only recipe I need now. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

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jellyko February 16, 2005
Teri Hatcher's Chocolate Chip Cookies