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This is a very nice dish, and we enjoyed it a lot. The dish looked beautiful. I didn't change anything. I wonder if the next time I make this, can I add the lime juice to the shrimp rather than the rice? It made the rice a little tart for me. I think it would add a fresh, zippy taste to the shrimp. When I make this again, and I will, I will try it and share the results with you. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

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Miss Annie August 08, 2002

I got high reviews when I cooked this recipe for my boyfriend. I did add more spice to it, and did add the lemon juice straight to the shrimp, not the rice. I made garlic flavored rice with this, and it went perfect. Thanks for the recipe- will definetely make this again!

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citaly chavira November 21, 2003

Since I had left-over rice from the other night, this receipe came together in about five minutes. The flavor was awesome, not at ALL spicy but flavorful. The downside was that it was so good, there was nothing left over for lunch.

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tracytrebilcox June 15, 2012

The family and I loved this dish! It was very easy and quick and I already had most of the ingredients which was awesome. I doubled the chili powder to add more of a kick and toasted some garlic bread on the side and it was great! Will definitely make this again! Thanks!

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kensmom15 March 10, 2011

Hope you don't mind, I was looking for an appetizer and loved the sound of the ingredients in this, so I adapted it, just left out the rice. I had to put it together early so I put the bag of prawns with the seasoning in the fridge to marinate for about 2 hours. I was out of cumin so I used coriander and I used roasted garlic, also could not find fresh cilantro, had to use dried which I also added to the marinade with the chili powder and cayenne. When I cooked them I did follow the recipe but instead of adding the salt, oil and lime juice to rice, I added it to the pan just for the last minute. wow was it good!!! it made a fantastic appetizer, so much flavour and served it with chunks of seeded wheat bun to dunk up the wonderful sauce!! I will be making this again , perhaps trying the rice. Thanks for posting.

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Derf April 20, 2009

Although it was quick and easy to make, this dish lacked flavor for me (my husband didn't complain, however). I was hoping for more heat and/or more of a tequila flavor. All in all, it was an OK dish, I just wanted more of a flavor punch than this provided. I suggest maybe upping the amount of spice (my shrimp was only very lightly coated) and/or adding the tequila to the dish after taking it off the heat to avoid the alcohol flavor from burning off. Thanks for a quick dinner, though!

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Goodlookin' Cookin' February 28, 2009

This was soooo good. We ate it all up real quick!

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Dan Kassner May 19, 2005
Tequila Shrimp