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Mean, I don't give many 5s but we just finished our dinner of Tequila Lime Chicken and it was absolutely wonderful. I was so excited when I found this recipe that when I got home last night at 8pm I but everything together and put it in the frig. It stayed there until 4pm the next day. This is much more than a 5 star. Thanks so much.

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~Nimz~ July 26, 2003

I made this the other night. I had to substitute Trop 50 for the OJ and bottled lime juice for fresh squeezed. I let the chicken marinade overnight before cooking it on the grill. Because we have vegetarians in our family, I also set some aside to use on naked Quorn cutlets. I put the frozen cutlets on the grill and brushed them with the marinade while they were cooking. It gave it just the right amount of flavor. Thanks for a recipe that was enjoyed by the entire family! UPDATE: I have tried several different tequila chicken recipes. I am not sure why I try the others, because we keep coming back to this one. None of the other recipes compare. It is really just that good. Thank you for an awesome recipe that quickly became a family favorite.

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whtbxrmom November 30, 2013

The fam really enjoyed this for dinner last night with roasted carrots, scalloped potatoes, and fresh baked bread. I did cut the marinade in half for my 5 bl/sl chicken breasts and it covered them almost to the top. I just stuck them in the fridge the night before and turned them once when I got up the next morning. Good flavor, even with cooking under the broiler rather than grilling. Did these for about 8 minutes per side with the convection broiler on about 8 inches from the burner. We got a bottle of tequila on a whim, then decided neither of us cares much for tequila, so this was a great way to use some of it. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait until we can try these outside on the grill.

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Queen Roachie March 03, 2013

The first time I made this I followed the recipe exactly and then second time I made it I doubled the recipe! My entire family absolutely LOVES this dish. We have eaten the chicken with a rice side dish, in a pita, in a tortilla, sliced and topped with guacamole and mango salsa, in fajitas and on top of salad. Simply delicious!!!!

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tunya1 October 28, 2012

We enjoyed this easy to make recipe. We marinated for about 3 hours, and used a half batch of marinade, which was plenty. The chicken turned out very moist. Served with grilled corn on the cob. Thanks!

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Dr. Jenny April 16, 2011

This was a great recipe. I used boneless skinless chicken breasts and thighs, and I cooked it under the broiler. SO SO GOOD. Quite possibly the best chicken I have ever made. I will make this many many times. I only marinated for about 45 minutes, but the flavor was still there. I will plan ahead next time and make it further in advance. Delicious recipe.

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Amanda Beth March 16, 2011

This was absolutely delicious prepared exactly as written. As I was adding a full half cup of tequila, I was a little worried about the flavor being overwhelming, but it wasn't at all. The flavors were perfect! While cooking the chicken breasts, I used the marinade to brush the chicken often. Then, after I cooked the chicken and removed it from the pan, I ended up dumping all of the marinade into the pan and let it simmer for several minutes, and it made an excellent sauce. I sliced the chicken breasts to use for tacos and got rave reviews (and requests for the recipe!). The second time I made this recipe, I didn't have fresh limes so I used a cup of prepared lime juice. It still tasted delicious, and we couldn't tell a difference in flavor at all.

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Mrs. McB June 14, 2010

This is soooo good! I have a bottle of tequila that was a gift from a friend sitting in my cupboard and since drinking isn't my thing I knew I had to find a way to cook with it. This was excellent! Very limey and very good and the tequila wasn't strong at all - it just lended a delicious flavor! One of the best chicken dishes I've had in quite some time. I marinated only for about 3 hours and broiled the smaller sized chicken breasts for 15 minutes in the oven. PERFECT.

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invictus April 15, 2010

Ooh, this is lime-y and very delicious! I used only a sprinkle of salt. I also halved the marinade (it was still more than plenty) and kept it in for only a few hours. The tequila definitely wasn't overpowering with those adjustments. Great chicken!!

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Maito December 11, 2009

This is EXCELLENT! The only thing I do different is use bone-in chicken breasts, I think they stay more moist and juicy. Everyone LOVES this! I may try baking it in the oven during winter and see how that turns out. Thanks for posting, Kirsten.

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Scoutie September 26, 2009
Tequila Lime Chicken