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This is so good! I made just as posted but I do have to admit that I marinated it for 1 1/2 days and decided not to pour the boiled sauce over the hens. I thought that the sauce would not enhance the overall look of the finished dish. And also I knew that the flavor was infused in the bird. I did make it with the game hens but did use only one for two of us. Very yummy dish. This is so good that I'm planning to use the same marinate for our pheasant. Thanks once again mikekey for a wonderful recipe. :)

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teresas July 14, 2008

Good recipe! I made it with chicken breasts on the BBQ. The Cointreau might be strong for some people. Maybe halve it and/or skip the extra sauce at the end. Just to be safe, you probably want to save some of the marinade for that end sauce, rather than boiling what was on the bird (for food safety reasons). I think this would be even better on Cornish hens!

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Maito August 11, 2007

Even with the changes I made, this was scrumptious and it smelled sooo good from marinade to grill! I cut up 2 chickens into 8 pcs each and put in 1 recipe per ziplock bag of parts. I used part fresh and part bottled lime juice - I'll make sure I have enough for all fresh next time. I left out the jalepeno and used a few dashes of tabasco as my DD won't eat anything spicey-hot. I think the jalepeno would add a nice zip. I was short on time a prepared to remake this if it didn't work out, but even with only 3 1/2 hours to marinade this came out very flavorful. I cooked my chicken pieces on the grill, next time I would only turn on half the grill and cook them on the other side from the flame as they charred pretty quick from all the sugars in the alcohol and juice. When I apologized to my DDs for the charring - they didn't care, they said they liked it that way! The only problem with this is was mixing the marinade made me want a margarita and it was a little early in the afternoon to start drinking : ) I served this with green salad with MizzNezz's Creamy Italian Dressing and grilled garlic bread. I'm really looking forward to leftovers tonight!

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momaphet August 04, 2007

OK, for the second time in two days, I have reviewed a recipe that when my DH asked what I was doing in the kitchen, he announced, "I don't know if I'll like that."And once again,his Kitchen Witch knows how to tag what we will love! Yes, I said love, not like, love.When he sat down and took the first bite of this,his eyes actually rolled back in his head. Once he finally stopped making UMMM sounds, he said "Make this a regular in your line-up."That is a direct quote from my beloved, but oh so picky man.So, as I said about the review yesterday that he was so surprised with, that has to make it 5 stars in my book!Oh, and I loved it too, but I knew I would as soon as I read the recipe. Thanks Mikekey, you have got a big fan here in New Mexico, and he is hard to win over on some foods.

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Bert's Kitchen Witch March 19, 2007
Tequila and Lime Game Hens (Or Chicken)