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Was looking for a different way to do pot roast than my usual way and so had this for dinner tonight...it was superb! The roast was falling-apart tender and the flavour was outstanding. Made a couple of minor changes: my celery was way past its prime so I just added extra carrots, and I had a bit of a heavy hand with the wine and so used about 1/2 cup; also used dried thyme instead of fresh. The other different thing I did was to puree the veggies after the roast was done and add that puree into the juices, which I boiled and then thickened into a delicious gravy. Thanks Steve; I'll definitely make this easy recipe again.

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Lennie April 29, 2002

This pot roast recipe delivered the most flavorful and tender pot roast I have ever made. It was truly the perfect choice for the first meal made in my new home to break in my new kitchen! I followed the recipe exactly and thickened the reduced juices to use as gravy for the mashed potatoes I made to accompany the roast. Truly a pot roast lovers ideal roast! Thanks, Steve for another excellent recipe!

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Bev May 28, 2002

At last a tender pot roast! A heavenly roast angels should experience. Nothing complicated, simple prepareation and excellent results.

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Lee Lee August 25, 2002

I fixed this roast yesterday morning in my crock-pot and when I returned from work that evening I had the most amazing aroma coming from my kitchen. I did use an eye of round roast that I seared prior to placing in the crockpot. The only other thing I did was add 6 small potatoes cut in large cubes. I served this with hot french bread and green beans. Wonderfully meal Steve and so easy to prepare. Thank you

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Just Cher September 10, 2002

I, too, fixed this in the crockpot. I browned the roast, then carmelized the onions in the pan and added the garlic and the thyme (I used dry.) I prefer to use a beef base so I dissolved it in the 2 cups of hot water along with the sugar and added it to pot along with the wine to simmer for a few minutes. I did not brown the carrots or the celery; I put about five small onions along with three cut-up carrots and chunks of celery into the crockpot, put the roast on top and then added the broth mixture and extra water. This was a very, very tasty pot roast.

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Mary Leverington October 04, 2002

I saw you made this last weekend and I said hummm that is what we are having for dinner tonight! Fabulous just fabulous!! We ate way too much. I followed the recipe exactly because I trust you and it really was good. Thanks buddy it really was the best pot roast I have ever made ;)

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Tamibic2 December 10, 2002

Prepared this last night for guests. Everyone really enjoyed it. I added ~8 halved mushrooms and made garlic mashed potatoes as a side along with a green salad and red wine. We'll definite make this again!

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Judikins March 03, 2003

Always looking for a new and improved pot roast recipe, one that does not have onion soup mix or canned soup, plus made in the oven. I am looking no further! Great recipe, basic, simple flavors that can be easily jazzed up if so desired. I also used sherry vs red wine, added a few extra cloves of garlic and was heavy with the pepper seasoning the roast. Baked in my cast iron dutch oven for about 2 1/2 hours, added new red potatoes for another hour. Fall apart yummy. Also thickened up the gravy with cornstarch and water mix. Lovely recipe, thanks so much for posting.

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GIBride01 February 08, 2011

I made this last night and my husband absolutely raved about it. Pot roast is not my favorite, but he bought the cut of meat on sale and so I had to find a good recipe for it! I followed the recipe exactly, other than substituting beer for the wine, since we didn't have an open bottle of wine and it seemed silly to open one for only 1/4c.
My roast was almost 3 pounds, and I did it for 2 1/2 hours. I flipped it twice in the first hour, then added some cut up potatoes and halved carrots and left it for the second hour and a half.
After I removed the meat, potatoes and carrots, I boiled the liquid until it was reduced to about half. Then I used my hand mixer to blend in the carrot and onion bits that were left in the juice. It made for a natural thickener and got my kids to actually eat some carrots!
Thanks for a great pot roast recipe that doesn't use the crock pot!

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The Portugarians June 21, 2011

Made this for Sunday dinner and it was great! It was simple to put together. I don't have a good dutch oven, so I browned in a skillet, put it all together and cooked in my crockpot for about 3 hours. I made gravy with the juices thickened with corn starch. My kids were upset that I didn't buy a bigger roast! So tender and very flavorful. Thanks for a keeper!

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BethR September 20, 2010
Tender Pot Roast