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Great no-fail recipe. The pork was perfectly moist, fork-tender, and full of flavor. The Lawry's works really well as the seasoning for the pork. I made it exactly as written, though I cut the margarine in half and made my own pork gravy, seasoned with a few ground spices -- sage, ginger, paprika, rosemary, thyme and white pepper. Excellent recipe, and I will be making this often.

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The Spice Guru July 25, 2013

These were an absolute HIT ! The chops are so fork tender I had to use a spoon to dish them out. LOVED IT ! This will always be one of my go to recipes. Thank You Soooo Much ! The extra gravy was perfect over steamed rice or mashed potatoes. Heck just soaked it up with your bread! Delicious !

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majenk October 02, 2011

Delicious! You said this was foolproof and it is! I thought I had regular mushroom soup but didn't, so used what I had on hand ~ chicken/mushroom. I skipped on the paula deen seasoning and just used the lawrys. I used a shot of cooking spray to brown the chops in and only a tablespoon of butter to sautee the mushrooms. (personal choice to cut some fat) I also skipped on the added seasonings to the mushroom gravy mixture since they were pre packaged and I didn't want to over salt. It was all I could do to not lift that lid and peek the house smelled so wonderful while cooking! You get a delicious, moist, fork tender pork chop and yummy gravy! Thanks for sharing this recipe I know we'll enjoy again!:)

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Breezytoo June 11, 2008

This was good, but WAAAAAAY too salty for us. Next time I make this I will cut back on the amount of salt that is used.

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1802474022 February 09, 2014

OMG! This was sooooo good! My husband has never liked pork. Whenever I cooked it, baked or sautéed, it was bland and tough, no matter what I did. I had it at a restaurant, he had a bite and liked that so I decided to try again. This recipe is the bomb! The pork turned out so flavorful and tender, to the point of almost falling off the bone. I did brine it for a couple of hours in a bine of salt, pepper, garlic and bay leaves. My husband could not stop raving about it. The house smelled wonderful while it was cooking. It made lots of gravy, perfect over egg noodles and my recipe for the best ever green beans rounded out the meal.

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lynshaw_9644506 December 29, 2013

PREHEAT OVEN TO 300°...... I didn't catch this until it was too late. I baked at 350° for over and hour and it was still perfectly tender. Excellent! I marinated the chops for 1 hour in 1 1/2 C milk and 1 t salt to ensure tender, moist chops (see Brady Bunch pork chops). I made it more calorie friendly by using 98% FF mushroom soup, browned in pan sprayed with non-sick spray & 1 teaspoon EVOO > worked great, also did not sauteed mushrooms, IMO it's just not necessary. Also used Knoor roasted Brown Gravy Mix w/ 1 1/3 C water. Wow, plenty of gravy too! I served over wide egg noodles. Thanks for a kid & family friendly recipe. Just delicious! Thanks Jill L! I love margarrrrrrrrritas too!

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Chicagoland Chef du Jour February 17, 2011

My friend recently had bariatric surgery, can't eat much more than half a cup of food at one meal, and now faces the challenge of eating enough protein. Well, these chops are wonderful--so moist and tender and swimming in a delicious gravy. Bravo!

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mmderry April 07, 2016

Oh my goodness. This was wonderful. I followed the recipe 100% except I used thinner pork chops and bake them covered 1 hour without lifting the lid. I made this for all my children and grandchildren and they all loved it. I will definitely make this again again.

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7mighty2 June 14, 2015

Easy and delicious. Sauce turned out way to salty! Next time will cut salt by 50% or so.

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zaako July 27, 2014

This is the BEST "no-fail" pork chop recipe! Fall of the bone tender and extremely tasty. It's a new family favorite! I do not use the Paula Deen Seasoning or the gravy darkener, I use fahita seasoning instead. I used Lawry's Seasoned Salt the first time I made it and the chops were a little too salty. I sear the pork chops with the fahita seasoning, and then I follow the recipe. I have made these three times and every time they came out perfect. I try to make exxtra for leftovers, but they are such a hit that there are never any leftovers!

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Pamela R Johnson June 14, 2014
Tender Oven Baked Pork Chops