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This was great! I used a top round labeled as London broil. I marinated it overnight. I did not have ginger root, so I used a little powdered ginger. We used a charcoal grill and cooked it 9 minutes on each side, and it was a lovely medium. A beautiful pink stip inside. I may cut the soy sauce and season salt down the next time due to the saltiness. But it was so delicious, and we will use this again. Thanks, Rita!

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wannaB February 01, 2004

Fantastic flavor and oh so easy to prepare! My husband raves about dinner when I fix this one!

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Yearbook Mom July 30, 2015

This was fantastic and had a definite Asian flair that would pair well with a stir fry. A little sweet and a little tangy and perfectly tender even though I didn't have any meat tenderizer to add to the marinade and I over cooked it to an almost well-done temperature. I used a reduced-sugar ketchup that is made with Splenda and it worked perfectly. I froze the London broil in the marinade and thawed in the refrigerator for 2 days. I rinsed the meat before cooking to avoid the possibility of burning the bits of garlic under the broiler. We don't have a grill so I cooked this using a method I learned from Alton Brown. Turn the oven's broiler on and place the racks at the bottom positions. Put the steak directly on the top rack and place a foil lined pan on the bottom rack to catch drips. I cooked the steak for 5 minutes on each side and then moved the racks to the top positions in the oven and cooked for 3 minutes per side directly under the broiler. Like I said though, it was cooked to almost well-done and although it was still very tender next time I'll reduce the cooking time to achieve a medium temperature. Thanks for sharing this recipe... we'll definitely use it again!

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muncheechee August 06, 2012

Thank you so much for posting this recipe. It was very good and easy to make. I will be using this on more meats as a marinade. Thank you so much for posting this recipe..Barb

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Barb #4 July 18, 2009

Fantastic! This was easy, tasty, and inexpensive. The results were perfection! I made as directed but added 1 T liquid smoke as well. Also, sliced thinly add then added avocado grilling butter--Avocado Grilling Butter--came out wonderfully! Rita, this recipe rocks! Thanks for saving my BBQ night! I will make this at least three more times as I picked up London broil (4 of them) when it was on sale last week and froze the other 3). Now that I know the "secrets" of cooking this, I plan to make it often. Tasty! Pamela

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pamela t. June 04, 2009

this was easy and tasted great! I did not find it to salty. Will use it again! thanks!!

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April #7 January 06, 2009

Super easy, fast, and so tasty! The only thing I changed was to add a big splash of browning sauce to the marinade bag. Rave reviews from everyone! Oh, since it's winter in Alaska, I broiled it in the oven instead of bbq-ing. :) Thanks!

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Grace-AK December 26, 2008

I am rating this on the dry rub. I used your dry rub on a flank steak and then followed another recipe for basting while cooking. This is wonderful and will use this dry rub for all my beef marinaded steaks. Next time I will try it along with your marinade, but wanted to review what I did use for this recipe. Thanks Rita for a wonderful dry rub recipe.

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diner524 January 19, 2008

Used this recipe for 2 lbs of london broil for a small get together tonight and thought the taste was very good, everyone commented on the flavor. I marinated for just over 24 hours and was hoping for the meat to be a little more tender than it actually turned out, but maybe my expectation was too high for a london broil. Overall a great recipe, thanks for posting!

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Singleangel January 07, 2008
Tender London Broil