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I used this on a South American recipe what is loosely translated as "The Hunger Killer" that calls for flank steak and used the eye of round roast instead. Basically You take the round roast and spiral cut it in a spiral butterfly laying it out as a long piece of meat about 3/8" inch thick by 2 feet long. Then season it with salt, pepper, dried basil and oregano for 24 hours. Cut up Ham or smoked sausage, and provolone cheese into long chunks. Sauté some onions bell peppers and carrots(enough to loosely cover one side of the butterflied round roast. Roll up the ingredients inside of the roast and tie it. Sear the outside in a hot heavy bottomed pan. Roll this in aluminum foil starting at the lower right hand corner of the foil and ending at the upper left corner. This is how your butcher would roll up meat for you in butchers paper at the store. Except with the foil you will want to roll up the ends to seal it. Cut a couple of small holes in the top to allow steam to escape. Then cook as this recipe directs except you already have the meat rolled up in the foil. slice thinly. Mine came out great!

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fking September 24, 2013

I followed the recipe exactly and it was delicious! Pink and tender, a great recipe for this cut.

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tlc76 March 06, 2013

NOTE to GAS OVEN users: Do NOT turn your oven off! I just pulled out of my gas oven, three 2.5 perfect medium-medium rare eye of round roasts. I followed the recipe with a few adjustments: rub room temperature meat generously with spices of your choice, coat well with olive oil, put on rack that keeps roast from touching the pan. Cook at 500 for 25 min., (NOTE CHANGE) reduce heat to 170 and cook for 2.5 hours. I did not use a meat thermometer. We prefer medium to medium well, but then the meat would have been shoe leather so we'll deal with the pink. I've wrapped them in foil, put them in the fridge and will slice super thin tomorrow. Can't wait!

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Beverly K. July 13, 2015

This was the best eye round roast I've ever made! I added a tablespoon of garlic powder to the salt applied at the beginning of the process. Raised the cooking temperature to 275* and final internal temperature of meat to 130* (medium rare)...followed recipe after that.<br/>I can't say it again "THIS IS THE BEST ROAST BEEF" you'll ever eat.

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Chef Saskatchewan Bound December 15, 2014

Thank you friend, I've been looking for this everywhere on the web. I've got the roast in the fridge all salted up now. I'm using the Top round roast as the never offer eye of round around here. This is the time tested method I've used and it never fails....except when I mix this up with my roast beef (pot roast style) recipe!! I'm glad I found yours so I can have it to refresh my memory each time.

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Miss Debs of Colorado March 28, 2013
Tender Eye of Round Beef Roast ATK