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Yes fall apart tender! I started with a 2 pound chuck roast. There is only 3 to feed today! I started cooking stove top for 2 hours low heat never had to flip because I placed in oven at 350 and continued to cook for 3 hours. Used my Smokey Seasoned Salt for the beef and only needed 1 tablespoon of flour to coat the meat. 1/2 cup red wine was enough for I needed to have some! LOL! I used my Oven Dried Onion / Garlic Flakes for the onion soup to keep back on the salt and MSG. I did use the carrots that I cut on an 1/4 inch angle, skipping the potatoes for I made my Mashed Potatoes With Roasted Garlic and Herbs. I added dried wild mushrooms that I soaked in red wine then added to the pot. With the remained of the flour I made a slurry with red wine and whisked into the sauce to make a wonderful gravy a 1/2 hour before serving.

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Rita~ September 18, 2007

5 stars all the way!!!! This was so moist and tender. Lots of flavor. Did put mine in the crock pot. Left out the potatoes because I wanted mashed potatoes to go with this. Gravy was wonderful and I loved the fact that it made so much. Was able to have hot roast beef sandwiches another night. Highly recommend this recipe. Thanks so much for sharing this puppity pup :)

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slickchick September 29, 2008

A fork-tender pot roast with lots of flavorful _gravy_ to keep it moist! I made mine in the slow cooker, omitting the chicken broth. Done to a T in 7 hours, I did not add the carrots and potatoes but served Golden Whipped Potatoes on the side. Leftover roast will make hearty sandwiches today and the broth will be a great start for French Onion Soup Thanks for sharing your recipe!

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SusieQusie November 09, 2007

This is one of the most flavorful pot roast recipes I have ever tried. The beef was fall apart tender and was truly out of this world! I used my crockpot for this recipe, reducing the liquid by eliminating the 2 cups of beef broth. I added the onion to the crockpot and made a side dish of Carrots & Potatoes Roasted w/ Onion and Garlic which was the perfect complement to this pot roast. We will most definitely have this wonderful pot roast again!! Thanks ever so much, puppitypup!

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Bev February 18, 2007
Tender and Flavorful Pot Roast