Ten-Minute Cheater's Pizza

Total Time
Prep 3 mins
Cook 7 mins

If you keep the right ingredients around, a pizza is only a few minutes away.

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  1. Want pizza? It takes a few minutes! Here's the trick: keep pitas or tortillas, meat, and cheese in the freezer.
  2. You can freeze a 2 inch stick of pepperoni in the freezer, and cut off the amount you need with a good sharp, warm, knife.
  3. If you have a bag of shredded mozza in the freezer, it is easy to take only the amount you need.
  4. Always keep a can or jars of plain tomato sauce in the house (you can then use it for pasta or other meals too).
  5. Put tomato sauce on pita, put on basil and oregano, then cheese, then veggies, then meat.
  6. Stick it in the oven or toaster oven at 375F degrees for about 7 minutes (until done).
  7. Sometimes I make the original recipie with hot italian sausage.
  8. You can keep a link of italian sausage in the freezer.
  9. Just make sure you skin and cook it first (takes only a few minutes in a frying pan).
  10. A good snack or appetizer I make uses a tortilla, tomato sauce, basil, a little freshly ground pepper, and feta cheese.
  11. Simple, and tastes gourmet!


Most Helpful

I tried this recipe using a tortilla. The first few bites were really good, but then the center of the tortilla started to get really soggy from the tomato sauce. My kids gobbled it up, though! I will try it agin using a pita instead. Thanks for posting this recipe!

Lisa Sorrell October 03, 2001

Great idea for a student with limited kitchen access, and with only a few more calories than a candy bar, it makes a nice pick me up between meals. I use the tortilla in a microwave for 2 minutes on high, and then roll it up.

Bill Hilbrich September 23, 2001

I made this for one of my DS's using an onion pita pocket, baking this in the oven, omitting the 'shrooms. He didn't like the 'sauce'. Prepared exactly as directed- (measuring) except for the 'shrooms'. Too herb(y) for my little dude. Cute recipe though, and could be adapted very easily. Thanks Kat!

lets.eat August 10, 2006

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