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Oh, wow! This recipe is a 10-star for sure. I was curious how tofu ricotta would taste and it was so delicious, lighter than milk ricotta and bursting with flavor from all its ingredients. My only mistake was thinking I could cut the beets thin enough with a super-sharp knife. I cooked two beets just to be sure I could get enough thin slices but I only ended up with 7-8 that I could roll. I took the other slices and assembled them "oreo-style," putting filling inside two slices. They turned out just fine and it's a good alternative if someone doesn't have a mandoline. The tempura gave just the right amount of crunch without covering up the flavor of the rollatinis, and the glaze was perfect and added just a touch of sweetness. I had to make the glaze twice -- the first time I was assembling the rolls at the same time, and it quickly went from being slightly syrupy to too sticky and thick to drizzle, so the second time I gave it my full attention and got it off the heat just as it was thickening. It did take me longer than the stated time to get this from start to finish, but it was worth it. I'll be serving this next time with a main dish that doesn't take a lot of attention, such as a roast, which will free up plenty of time to make these. This recipe is going in my Best of the Best 2010 recipe cookbook -- it's spectacular!

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TasteTester October 29, 2010
Tempura Beet Rollatini With Balsamic Gastrique