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I hate to do this as a first review on this site, but it is not anything like a Tempura Batter. We had a Dinner party party last night, with 10 guests. Like always, sometimes stupid me, decided to try a new recipe. Lucky for us for the Tempura, decided to make a test batch first, before I did the 4 lbs of Large shrimp, and the Veggies in it. I should have looked at the pics first, not tempura. Cooked a couple of shrimp and a few veggies, started over with a real tempura batter.<br/><br/>The batter was more like a batter you would use if your making something like sweet and sour pork or chicken. Actually it might work very well for that. I followed the recipe to a tee, didn't understand the egg or the cornstarch, but did it anyway.<br/><br/>I do have a really good tempura batter, that I use a couple of times a month, and never fails.<br/><br/>Anyway the dinner came out great, Tempura, Steak, Rice, Fruit, and a few bottles of beer. I did save the batter until later and chopped a bunch of the veggies, some smaller shrimp I had added some spices and bean sprouts and made little pancakes out of them. They came out good. But all and all its a batter that is more suited to a chinese type meal than a japanese.<br/><br/>One other point, when you make tempura, make sure the oil is almost at the smoking point, and the batter is Ice cold, when you place a few pieces at a time in the oil. Also if you use really good fresh seafood and veggies, don't season the batter, let the natural flavors come through. The dipping sauces are for flavoriny if you need additional.<br/><br/>Sorry Karen,<br/><br/>Just didn't like it.<br/><br/>Peace Out,<br/><br/>Frank and Spanky

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Frank and Spanky April 21, 2013

Fantastic!! I made this for the kids for a birthday dinner. Everyone, including my husband who does not usually prefer his shrimp breaded, liked this as well as the steamed shrimp I made. Stayed on the shrimp great. I just rinsed them to thaw them and then patted them dry a little, not each individual shrimp and it stayed on every shrimp in the deep fryer. I already put it in my cookbook so I could find it again.

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Mompix June 23, 2010

I used rice flour, only one egg white and only one TBSP of corn starch because the rice flour is pretty starchy as is. I'm making tempura for the third night in a row because this recipe is so good. Thank you!

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Jodid February 22, 2009

It got soggy too quick, it was bland, not crispy enough, too. It is a good base recipe. I used a cold Heineken but followed everything else perfectly. I think for future use I'll add some seasoning to help it out (1 tsp. garlic, 0.5 tsp paprika OR replace salt with 1 tbsp. of Adobo complete seasoning or Lawry's seasoned salt).

Regardless, I loved watching the egg yolk froth up when mixed with the beer, and having a similar effect when stirred into the flour. It's just a fun item to prepare. :)

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WuhanNoodle March 26, 2012

It was easy and I liked the flavor, unfortunately it turned soggy on me. By the time it was cool enough for you to eat it it was already soft.

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Smarahcakes March 20, 2012

It was a little bit more prep work than I though but oh so darn worth it. The batter stayed on my smelt when I took it out of the batter and even after I dropped it into the deep fryer. Biting into it was like biting into a cloud, so light and airy. It tasted good hot and cold although it could have used a lot more salt in the batter. I chose to use the beer in mine. I made a half batch for 1lb. of smelt and had plenty left over. Thanks for posting.

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Catnip46 January 12, 2012

Fantastic recipe! Rivaled or exceeded the tempura we've had at many a local sushi joint. We're not big beer drinkers around here, so instead going out and buying beer or having bland batter, I used cold (not icy) water, a rounded 1/2 tsp brewers yeast, and 1/2 tsp chicken bullion. I also only used 1 egg white. The flavor was unreal. We enjoyed it on mushrooms, squash, carrots, and sliced jalapeƱos. The jalapeƱos were hands-down the best.

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ChelMo September 28, 2011

This was very similar to what my husband makes for shrimp. I used the beer option which I really liked the flavor of. I think next time I would like to add a little bite to the batter which was a little on the bland side for the asparagus I used for this recipes. I think a little ground red pepper would be delicious for this. I'll use this one again and experiment with the spices to suit our taste. Thanks Karen for sharing.

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~Nimz~ August 27, 2011

This batter was heavy, bland, and just not good. We wasted a huge batch of fresh green beans from the garden. :-(

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Amy Martin KV September 19, 2010

this batter turned out excellently. i do recommend using peanut oil for a nice golden color. i used vegetable oil and the finished product looked a bit too pale. tasted wonderful though.

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Dreamshaper March 06, 2010
Tempura Batter for Fish and Vegetables