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I am a dental hygienist. Just a note of caution. Use seldom. The baking soda is an abrasive that is how it works to remove the stains, if used to often the baking soda wears on the gums and may cause recession, which exposes the root surfaces and causes sensitivity. This will not change the color of your natural teeth what it does: If you are a smoker, frequent coffee, tea, dark wine or dark pop user, these put a coating of stain on the teeth and the abrasive in the baking soda removes the stain but will not change the natural color of your teeth. This also goes for any OTC toothpastes that contain baking soda or claim to whiten. Not suggesting not to use just beware.

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jorgydee September 09, 2010

Works great...got perfect teeth, but no life.

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gailanng September 06, 2010

Have been brushing with this from time to time for many years, minus the flavoring. It does work very well, as does plain baking soda mixed with a drop of water. It makes your teeth and mouth feel so squeaky clean! However, a small caution - my dentist recommended I not over use it; the abrasive action of the soda can eventually damage the enamel on your teeth, creating a much worse problem than discolored teeth.

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LoriLou February 29, 2004

You are right! It tastes like crap, but the first time I saw immediate results! Will be sharing this little health tip with a few folks!

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Taylor in Belgium August 26, 2003

After trying this, you do get used to the taste. I use it with pure Tea Tree Oil instead of Peppermint, as I am prone to mouth ulcers and this eso seems to work wonders for me. I personally stay away from real toothpaste because it contains Sodium Laurel Sulphite. This sudsing agent is in all things that "bubble", (eg: shampoo, bubble bath, soaps, toothpaste, laundry soap and even in some foods). The product, in it's pure form is toxic to the skin...it's commercial use is to de-grease airplanes!!! Check and you will find that this is usually the second ingredients in most washing products....even products from The Body Shop and Lush, who claim their products being all natural have SLS. So people who are sensitive to SLS may not know why their skin is so dry or itchy. If you are going make this paste daily, put the ingredients in easy mixing containers so that it is a snap to put together. Since I started making my own paste, my mouth ulcers are down...I have less colds and my general health is better. Your mouth and teeth are going to thank you

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Abby Girl July 28, 2008

Tried this this morning and it does seem to have made my teeth shinier and they feel wonderfully clean. Not sure if they're brighter yet, but try it again in two weeks. I did learn something, I had no idea baking soda had salt in it! By the way, rinsing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide is the best way to get rid of cold sores on your tongue. Thanks for posting Rita!

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puppitypup December 29, 2008

I don't like to give bad reviews, so I will post a warning only because it happened to me. If you have sensitive gums be CAREFUL!! I used this and it burned my bottom gums so bad that I had to use a prescribed mouth rinse. It also left a mark on a small spot on my upper gums!! I did not realize my gums were so sensitive until I used this. The plus to it though..I think it really was working, but I won't be using it anymore do to the pain that it caused

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Gemini1972 June 10, 2006

I wanted to re-review this to say that I worked in a dental office and this is a very good method of cleaning. I would only be careful not to do it too often as Baking Soda can be very abrasive and may damage the tooth enamel over a long period of time. Certainly better and cheaper then the commercial whitening products though! Thanks for sharing!

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Little Bee May 09, 2006

A little tidbit about dental whitening. Carbamide peroxide breaks down into hydrogen peroxide over time. The reason some people experience tooth sensitivity to different whitening products (white strips, dental office whitening products) is because they temporarily dehydrate the teeth during the process. Once the process is complete, the teeth rehydrate over a couple of days and the sensitivity subsides. The paste mixture listed above may help with surface stains/discolorations, but is not effective on internal stains/discolorations.

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*Fancy* February 29, 2004

I added a dab of toothpaste, that gives enough of a minty flavor to make it palatable. Love this!

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Sojourner44 May 22, 2013
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