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This is a very nice lite dessert. It is time consuming and can be messy, but is worth it. I used a bag of frozen strawberries and a bag of frozen blackberries that I had defrosted in the microwave. Then I added a frozen banana (still frozen) and some splenda. I ended up using about a cup of skim milk. After it had been frozen for the first time it was labor intensive to whir in the food processor. I had to do it in batches and as it defrosted a bit it got messy. But then I refroze it. To serve I took chunks out (I froze it in a freezer plastic bag and hit it against the counter to break off chunks) and put them through the food processor because I prefered that texture. It looks grainy in the food processor, but once you put it in a bowl and it starts to melt a bit, it is a nice sorbet-ish texture. Thanks!

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ladypit January 22, 2004
Ted's Lite Frozen Fruit Ice Milk