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Growing up there was always a crock of stewed prunes and apricots in the fridge. They were for Mamaw when she visited. However, looking back, I think my mother was partial to them. The seemed to keep forever.
I was glad to find this recipe as I have a bunch of calamondin (1st cousin to kumquat) I need to use. I didn't have plain sugar, so I used brown. I will post a pic after I finish. I really like the tart against the sweet. I can tell the tea does add flavor. I am not sure Earl Grey is needed, I think black tea would do just as well as the calamondin (kumquat) gives that note the bergamot would from the Earl Grey.
I think I will serve this as a desert soon.

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Ambervim April 13, 2011
Tea Poached Prunes & Kumquats