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What a wonderful sweet delicacy and you will sure please young and old with Tayglach (a sweet dessert). They can be prepared in advance and are even better the next day (if you still have some). First I was a little bit hesitant, because I have never cooked with so much honey, but the recipe is easy and I am very happy that I have tried Tayglach. I followed the recipe as described. I didn't use wine for the raisins (I did as suggested and drank it). The Tayglach are sweet, but not too sweet as one could asume from the use of honey and sugar in the recipe. During cooking the honey develops a tasty malty flavor. And ginger adds a discreet pepperiness (I like the taste of ginger here and I will add some more next time). The roasted almond inside is a nice contrast to the sweetness. I rolled the Tayglach in chopped almonds to avoid that they stick to one another. You should keep them in an airtight box. The delicious distinct malty and roasty flavors and sweetness of honey and raisins will be an excellent combination with a glas of sweet white wine or a dry red wine. Add some cheese, invite some friends and you will have a wonderul time. Next time I am sitting outside on warm evening with friends and some Tayglach, I will watch the stars and will know that more than five of them belong to this recipe. Thanks.

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Thorsten July 14, 2005

Yummy and so pretty! Liked them a lot. :)

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Inge 1505 July 15, 2005