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I think this is an amazing recipe. I eat kosher, so of course, I chose to do without the yogurt sauce, but I did eat it with hummus, tahina, and amba, so the condiments were there. I also ate the leftovers outside of a pita with side of rice, and the meat itself is delicious. I mixed chopped onion, parsley, garlic, and spices to the ground chicken. I simply seasoned the chicken as directed, and grilled it in the pan. This is a recipe that I definitely see myself repeating. Thank you for sharing, and thanks Binnur for the original recipe (love that site).

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Mivashel September 25, 2010

TEN stars in my book! I have hankererd after this since leaving Cyrpus, and this recipe was SUPERB! If anyone else would like to make their own doner kebab at home - follow this recipe carefully and you will have prefect results. Do NOT skip the oregano, this is the key to this recipe - and also, do use the breasts and the chicken mince as listed too. Excellent - transported me right back to Kibris! Merci! FT:-)

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French Tart October 05, 2007

Had this for dinner tonight Thought this was a nice change from a chicken burger. I used Pita bread. I especially liked the yoghurt sauce. 1. Easy to make 2. Very tasty 3. A keeper Took a little time in preparing but was worth the effort. Thank you for sharing

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MISSIB May 05, 2007

Both my husband and I really liked this. When my husband was stationed in Germany, there was a food cart right outside of the base that sold something like this and he has fond memories of it. It was quite simple to make. Rather than freeze it overnight, I froze it for about 7 hours, so it wasn't rock hard and I was able to slice it fairly easily.

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tara portee October 14, 2007
Tavuk Doner - Chicken Doner