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I made this for breakfast this morning, cutting the recipe in half. I thought it was very good, although I'll probably tweak it a little. I can see that there is the potential for many variations (add sausage, sprinkle with herbs, sauces, etc). My husband really loved it--he took a bite and pronounced it "the perfect food." I won't say how many he ate--just that I had to make another bunch! UPDATE: Almost 1 1/2 years after I first made this, it remains a favorite with my DH. I cook his for 15 minutes for a more custardy yolk, and mine and DS's for 20 minutes for well-cooked yolks. Here's a tip: I find that a gravy ladle works better than a spoon for mashing the tater tots into the muffin tins.

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Halcyon Eve September 16, 2007

Such a simple idea but great presentation! For some reason, I could not find tater tots, so I used potato patties & they worked very well. Delicious!

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Debbb December 31, 2013

I used bigger muffin tins because I wanted to add chorizo sausage between the tater tots and eggs. I also sprinkled a little more cheese on top of the eggs before setting them to the oven. When the cups are done. I sprinkled them with old bay seasoning and ground black pepper, garnished with chopped green onion. The cups turned out very well. My DH said that they were very delicious and filling. Will make them again, but next time I will decrease the baking time. 15 minutes seemed to be a little long for the eggs. Thanks for posting this recipe!

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SharonChen April 25, 2015

I made this this morning and I was in a hurry. I had already baked my tater tots last night. Short on time, I decided to raise the temp to 425 degrees. I used only a few of the egg yokes and all the whites. I whipped them up and poured them in and sprinkled the cheese on top. Because of the higher temp I added water to the empty muffin cups but filled only 1/4 of the cup. At the higher temp they baked in about 15 mins. At that higher temp the cheese became a nice golden crisp consistency. I didn't use much cheese. Just enough to top them off. I will make them again and add sautéed onion or red peppers and add a fresh spinach leaf or two in there. A few fresh clippings of chives would be a wonderful touch.

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iamtheirishgirl October 28, 2014

I followed the recipe as written other then I made eight. I also scrambled my eggs and added some pepper before putting them in. These were good but very greasy. I think they also could have used more seasoning.

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bmcnichol March 11, 2013

My grandson liked these, but I thought they were a bit greasy, maybe they could be made with hash browns that are not as greasy

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Laureen in B.C. October 13, 2012

I just made these this morning. I really adore the idea of them. The taste was kind of bland, though. I'm thinking that if I can add a few bacon crumbles or sausage or something to it, that will solve our problem. They are definitely a perfect on-the-go meal, though. I could only fit 4 tots in each cup, and that was still too full. Next time, I'll cut it down to 3. I wonder if you could replace the tater tots with shredded hashbrowns?

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Luv2Cook/Hate2Clean:) March 29, 2010

This was really tasty and I made one for my son to eat tonight. I tasted it though and liked it alot! Thanks for posting.

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Ang11002 March 02, 2010

I made these for Breakfast for Dinner Night. Only after they were all eaten, and we were discussing the meal, did I learn that no one is keen on over-easy eggs. Go figure...none left! These were easy to make which is always great for me!

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Annette NC July 07, 2009

These were pretty tasty. I defrosted my tator tots in the microwave to speed things up. I made exactly as directed, cooked for eggs for 15 minutes and they were perfect. The yolks were a little runny but not too runny. Thanks for posting!

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Shelby Jo April 26, 2009
Tater Tot Cups With Cheese and Eggs