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I really enjoyed the kick of the flavors! I used 1/4 cup regular/plain mustard and 1/4 cup Wasabi mustard with a dollop of honey mixed together. I also didn't have any wooden skewers so I simply sliced the tofu block into 6 equal slices. These came out crispy and browned off the grill. Next time around I will try to freeze the tofu and then thaw it for a meatier texture, as I found this recipe to leave the tofu slightly moister than I like. I also would try a sweet and sour sauce instead of the mustard (personal preference). This is definitely worth trying variations on!

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TreeSquirrel May 25, 2009

I wish I found this recipe sooner. I highly recommend letting the tofu marinate as long as possible to ensure a potent mustard flavor. Next time I'll try marinating the tofu in garlic sauce- the possibilities are endless. I froze the tofu I used before hand and let it thaw out to get a meatier texture. I used mustard recipe from Sausages With Sweet-Hot Mustard to keep it vegan. Thanks for the post!

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BurtonFanatic February 03, 2008
Tasty Grilled Tofu on a Stick