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These were great and tasty buns. They are such soft and fluffy rolls! I moulded mine to 16 little mini rolls, and they turned out a great size, great as a afternoon snack. These buns rise really well, and it DOESN'T have a yeasty taste at all. Just like Mirjam, I also punched down the dough and let it rise a second time before shaping and letting it raise on parchment paper before putting it in the oven. I cut down the water to 1/4 cup, and added 1/2 a cup of fresh orange juice instead. The I grated the rind of the oranges into the mixture. I brushed the top of the rolls with a little beaten egg mixture, just to give it a nice colour and gloss. Turned out just like it would if you bought it in a store. Try this recipe, it is fail proof...I am an utter novice in bread making. :)

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KitchenManiac February 10, 2003

If you could ever call food beautiful-tasting, this is it! I've been making challah forever, and I'm always looking for a new recipe to vary the tastes. Yogi, this is my new recipe, and I'm not going to give it up too soon! These make such soft and tasty rolls! I made up a batch last night. I took them out of the oven at 9 PM! PM! Way after dinner time! All twelve rolls were gone by 10:30 PM! All of a sudden, people in my house got the munchies, and we had a sandwich party. I have quickly made up another batch this morning to have challah for the weekend. And quick is the operative word here, since the dough rises very quickly, but it doesn't have an over-yeasty taste. I made the dough substituting soy milk for the milk and the water. Milk gives bread such a soft and delicious crumb. I also punched down the dough and let it rise a second time before shaping and that last rise. Last night I made them into the twelve rolls called for in the recipe, but this morning I braided them into two challahs, and I'm going to have to hire armed guards to keep watch over them so we can have some bread with dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow. Yogi, this bread rocks, and so do you!

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Mirj February 06, 2003

Oh my gosh...these buns are A*W*E*S*O*M*E...there is no way 5 stars are enough!!! I was flying to get a meal on the table...spur of the moment dinner invitation...and I needed something for bread or rolls. I thought of this recipe hanging in my recipe clip and that it was only supposed to take 1 hour and 15 minutes start to finish...I don't think it even took that long. It only took about 5 minutes to throw together. Then let them rest the ten minutes...they were already raising like crazy! I couldn't believe my eyes...you could almost see them raise... I grabbed the parchment paper, spread it on the cookie sheet, divided the dough in half, and in half again, and each section into thirds forming buns and placing them as I went. By the time I finished with the last one, the first ones were already obviously rising again. I set my oven to preheat. When the beeper went off telling me the oven was up to temp, I looked and the rolls were obviously already doubled in size, so I popped them in. Oh my land...if ever a bread was decadent...this is sure it!!! Like Mirj said yogi, you ROCK!!! and my DB told me tonight that I ROCK, so thanks for helping me ROCK!!!

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Cindy Lynn February 12, 2003

These rolls are WONDERFUL - just like my Grandma's, yet made in only a fraction of the time! I was really skeptical that they would work, but I made the recipe exactly as written. The result was perfect, lighter than air rolls in just over an hour. Wow! Thanks, Yogi! I'll be making these again and again.

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miss gracie February 17, 2003

I have made this recipe twice. The first time I followed your instructions for one rising. The second time, I let it rise till doubled in bulk then punched it down and let it rise till double, again. Both times, I baked the dough in a 9-inch loaf pan at 375 for about 20 minutes. It makes a very nice, large loaf. I feel the second rising gave this bread a much better texture, but overall this is a very good, easily made bread recipe which works for rolls or a loaf. Thanks, Yogi, for sharing.

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Susie in Texas March 01, 2003

I did not care for the texture of these rolls. They were very easy to put together, though. I really feel that they perhaps need a double rising. If I were to make them again, I would definitely do that.

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Marie February 17, 2003

SIX STAR RECIPE ALERT! The rolls were ready from go to whoa in 45 minutes. 50 seconds in the microwave to heat the ingredients and then it all went extremely easily. My toddler had a ball making shapes with the bread [definitely better than playdough!] and I had time to make braids as well. Bread is not supposed to be this easy! I'm definitely making this recipe again and again.

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Missy Wombat March 02, 2003

I made these yesterday to use as hamburger buns for supper tonight. I have to make more because I only have one left. I make bread often and this was extremely easy. It didn't take a lot of time. I think this would be a great recipe for beginners to try because it is so easy to make. Husband repeatedly said how great they were.

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~SwoR~ February 17, 2003

These buns are amazing. My kids gave them five stars. We ate them for dinner at Mirj's house last week and I decided to try them myself. Since it is snowing here, my kids made them for lunch and we ate them hot out of the oven. I found that only 12 buns would have been too large for each bun, so we made 24 medium size ones. I also was worried that there was no egg in this recipe because the only bread I ever make is challah and it has lots of eggs. Didn't matter thse were perfect and so fast and easy. I will definately be whipping these up a lot more often. Thanks Yogi for such a great recipe to add to my cookbook! I just wanted to update my review and let you know that this recipe has also replaced my challah recipe on my Sabbath table. This week I put the buns in a bundt pan to rise as well as around the outside of a round cake pan and it made a beautiful pull-a-part challah. It was just as tasty as pretty.

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Caryn Gale March 15, 2003

oh my goodness!! thank you so much for giving us this recipe. i now feel that i can do something that turns out. my husband is portuguese and loves breads..so i made this after i made some portuguese soup(caldo verde) and he was so happy with them, as was i. the only thing he mentioned was he wanted it more sweet..hes used to sweet breads/rolls. i couldnt believe how quick it all was. i did have to turn my oven down to 375 but thats no big deal. for some strange reason..just my nature i guess, i was only able to get 11 buns..lol. thanks again!! they were so good!! highly recommend!!

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caramel March 10, 2003
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