Tastee's Onion Chip Dip

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Total Time
25 mins
0 mins

This recipe came from a little mom 'n' pop restaurant in Lincoln Nebraska called "Tastee's". They sold some of their most popular recipes in little booklets for $2.95 back in the 70's, and this is exactly how it was stated in the booklet. This dip is what they served with their onion chips, but it's also good with regular chips or veggies.

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  1. Place cottage cheese in a bowl, add half the milk.
  2. Mix thoroughly with an electric mixer, adding remaining milk while mixing, until the cottage cheese has lost it's identity.
  3. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix quickly until the sour cream has had time to whip up to its limit.
  4. Be sure not to whip too long as it will start to drop in volume.
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Delicious!!! I made this to go with some onion chips, breaded cauliflower and breaded mushrooms. We loved it. I will make often as we also like it with wavy potato chips too. Thank you for sharing.

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We haven't made this yet, but we LOVE tastee dip and can't wait to try yours. Thanks for posting this recipee so we don't have to drive across town for our "tastee fix" :)