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I served this as a main course at my vegan dinner party for 12. Everyone loved it, even the men! (And even me, who doesnt like sweet potatoes!) It gives off a wonderful aroma of spices that fill the house while it is cooking. One of my guests has traveled a lot with the Peace Corps, and she commented that this was exactly like a homemade dish she was served very often while she was overseas. Just be careful not to burn the couscous when updating the recipe to 12 -- use a BIG pot! :)

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Kristen M. May 30, 2002

Thanks for this wonderful vegetarian recipe. I'm not a vegetarian myself, but quite a few people I attend church with are. Every other Sunday, we have a potluck dinner after service. I just recently started visiting this church and wanted my first potluck contribution to be delicious and kind to the palettes of my new friends. Let's just say that your recipe has helped me achieve quite a bit of popularity. It was so highly praised that one of my new friends insisted that I bring it as a potluck dish everytime. Taste of Morocco may become my signature potluck dish. Thanks again. Oh yea, before I forget. I second the comment about the couscous. I was cooking for about 15 people and almost burnt my couscous twice. After my second attempt at making the couscous, I threw in more raisins and some other dried fruits. The sweetness of the fruits disguised the "smokey" flavor very nicely. I think next time I make the stew at home that I might add some grilled chicken.

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Teresa R. Johnson November 05, 2002

I made this with a group of fourth graders. It was fun to make and the kids ate every bit up! If it can please this picky group, it is great for everyone. It is really pretty served on a platter.

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Katie in Atlanta January 28, 2004

This was excellent and SO easy. I always shudder a bit when I have a veggie over for dinner, but this was perfect. Remarkably folks couldn't put their finger on the sweet potatoes, but they make the dish. My only regret is that I tried to have the couscous made in advance and just reheat and fluff at serving time (the rest held up just fine this way). I think I could have pulled it off if I had some vegetable broth, but I thought the couscous suffered a bit and was dry. Sort of dumb of me to do this because couscous is so quick and easy to cook, but my guests were late so I just got ahead of myself. Will make again.

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Gay Gilmore November 01, 2003

Very good dish with an awesome combination of flavours (and scents!)! Once you've chopped the veggies, it's also a breeze to make! I used only 1 ts of oil for the cooking and it worked fine - I didn't even need to add any water. I cooked the couscous Ant's way and it turned out perfect! Definitely add the raisins: I'm not *that* fond of raisins myself but they go really well with the other flavours of this dish. Next time I'll be a bit heavy-handed with the spices: DH and I like it very spicy and this was more of the subtler sort! :-)

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stormylee September 01, 2003

This was quite good and good for you too. Made this in my quest to go from vegetarian to vegan. Instead of raisins (which I don't really like) I used dried cranberries, which I happened to have leftover from Thanksgiving. My veggies didn't stick but I used the water anyway. Instead of couscous I served over some noodles. I think I would add less cayenne next time, though I might have accidentally used a half teaspoon instead of 1/4 teaspoon. Oops! Satisfying vegan recipe! Let me add the stars to this review ...

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Kumquat the Cat's friend January 06, 2014

I made this tonight, and will make sure to cute the vegetables before I cook so that I can add them in quickly. That way, the sweet potato might hold together better, rather than cooking down to mush. I made the couscous by boiling the water in a kettle and then pouring it over the couscous and raisins, leaving them to sit for 10 minutes. Still really good and will make again.

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Ubalstecha May 13, 2012

I followed the recipe as written, and I'm sorry, we didn't love it. It was okay, but I probably won't make it again... except maybe for my 1.5 yr old -- she loved it!

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L00k April 29, 2010

Well....I didn't love this the way I made it (of course I didn't make it as prescribed, so there you go!). The only thing I changed really is that I used rice instead of couscous. I added the raisins to the chickpea mixture instead of the rice. I would eat it again for sure, but I don't know that I would make it again.

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Georgiapea January 31, 2010

5 stars! We all loved this including our vegetarian house guest. My husband had 3 helpings even though he complained about eating vegetarian before the meal. The raisins are a perfect addition to the couscous.

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Brooke's Kitchen December 31, 2009
Taste of Morocco