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My pepper jelly was more sweet than hot and that combined with the sweet pickle relish, resulted in a sweeter tartar sauce than I wanted. I'd like to try this again using less jelly and dill relish instead of sweet because the flavor was good.

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iris5555 March 26, 2007

I whipped this up last night AFTER supper, intending for it to be part of tonight's supper. For the pepper jelly I used some of cookiedog's Sweet Red Pepper Relish/Spread. I didn't have any pickle relish (not a staple in the country, sorry) so I just chopped up some sweet gherkins and added a bit of mustard seed. Now, this was INTENDED for dinner tonight, which is meant to be fried fish, but I could hear the bowl just calling me from the fridge. Sometime around 11 PM I couldn't resist any longer and mixed some of this with a can of tuna and had it on some whole wheat toast. Oh, yum! There should be enough left for dinner tonight, I think..... I hope.... oh dear, I'll just have to make some more. Rita, thanks, this rocks!

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Mirj February 20, 2007
Tartar / Seafood Sauce Salad