Tarragon Vinegar

Total Time
3 mins
2 mins

Tarragon vinegar takes two weeks to make. I was in a hurry and used mine the same day. I used tarragon from Penzeys Spices, I love their spices.

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  1. Place the tarragon in a clean glass jar.
  2. Heat the vinegar to just under the boil.
  3. Pour over the tarragon.
  4. Leave to cool without covering the jar.
  5. If the jar cover is metal, place some clear plastic wrap over the jar before screwing on the cap (to protect the cap from corrosion).
  6. Leave the jar of vinegar in a dark, dry place for two weeks.
  7. Strain the tarragon vinegar through a coffee filter into a clean 4-ounce glass bottle that comes with a plastic lid.
  8. Cap and use for recipes calling for tarragon vinegar.