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Wow, for something out of a box and a few cans, this is definitely restaurant quality food! I wish I had the olives for the topping, and next time I would use just green onions only. It's wonderful topped with sour cream, and Buddha would like some guacamole next time too. (There will be a next time). This really does make 6 servings. Oh, I and I added everything prior to baking, (no 5 min b4, etc.). Worked great! Thanks for posting a keeper recipe! :)

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2Bleu May 07, 2011

We really enjoyed these very quick and easy enchiladas. Who would have thought to use taquitos in place of the time consuming step of filling and rolling traditional enchiladas? Brilliant!! We evidently don't have Jose Ole brand taquitos where I live, so I had to use what I could find. I made the recipe as written using chicken taquitos (they didn't have the cheese in them), and "zesty salsa" flavored refried beans. Next time I make these, I think I will try using green enchilada sauce as the red sauce seemed to overpower the light flavor of the chicken. I think the red sauce would be better suited to the stronger flavored beef taquitos. These reheat well, tasting even better the next day. Thank you for posting this wonderful, time saving recipe...it is definitely a keeper!
*Made for 2010 Football Pool*

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Bayhill January 22, 2011

great idea! i used the chicken and cheese flour taquitos, black beans instead of refried, jazzed up the enchy sauce with garlic powder and cayenne, added diced serrano peppers and garlic to the onion mixture, and omitted the olives. very fast, easy and tasty recipe. it went over well with dh. he really loved it! served with spanish rice. thanks, lazyme!!

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KPD January 15, 2008

So easy to make it earns 5 stars. I'd sprinkle some olives into the middle with the sprinkle of onions....love olives. I have to agree with other posters....this is at least a 6 serving recipe, not 4. So plan accordingly if you have smaller appetites or smaller households. Very good for a recipe made with easy ingredients!

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breezermom October 24, 2012

We enjoyed this and it was easy! The only I have to add is that you really need to increase the baking time if you're using mostly frozen taquitos. Mine did not warm all the way through in 25 minutes even being partially thawed. This is definitely going to be made again! They taste much more gourmet than they actually are. Love recipes like that.

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Chef Doozer September 15, 2011

I really liked this, my only problem and reason that a star was docked, was the 11 x 7 pan called for was much too small. I ended up using a 9 x 13 inch baking dish that was probably a little large but at least it held all the ingredients. The 7 x 11 inch would not hold more than half the ingredients and was kind of messy transfering the first layer into the other dish. It was wonderful and my company sure enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing :)

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Mean Mary May 27, 2011

Delish! I wanted to make this spicy so I used hot enchilada sauce and jalapeno refried beans. I forgot to buy the onions so I doctored up the beans with onion powder and granulated garlic. Added the olives under the cheese and baked, uncovered, for the 25 minutes. Served with pico de gallo, sour cream and avocado chunks. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing, lazyme!

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rickoholic83 May 15, 2011

This made a terrific enchilada-type casserole, and it went over great at dinner tonight. I used a red chili sauce rather than the enchilada sauce because it's less spicy and neither onions nor olives were used due to my having to cater to children's palates. Sour cream and pico de gallo were served as accompaniments. I also used home-made beans rather than canned with great results. This made for a super easy and tasty meal. Thanks lazyme for an awesome contribution.

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Happy Hippie May 23, 2007

1st review 11/21/06. You have another winner here!! This is so good and easy to prepare. If you are a Mexican food lover you must try this dish. I used 2 (10 oz) cans of enchilada sauce, 1 mild and 1 hot. Followed the recipe to a T. Omitted the black olives, I don't care for them but did top it off with chopped cilantro and a few slices of pickled jalapenos. This also makes a great leftover dish. Took it to work with me today and everyone was asking what is that great smell. Thanks so much for posting lazyme. Update 3/4/07. DH wanted me to make this dish again with the olives (yuk), so to keep him happy that is what I did. I have to admit that it does add more color to the dish and it didn't taste bad at all. I have made this 2 times now and both times I feel that it serves at least 8 and not 4. We always have lots of leftovers for lunch. Thanks, again lazyme.

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teresas March 04, 2007

i used beef taquitos and green enchilada sauce, no black olives and low fat cheese and jalapeno refried beans. easy and tasted like you slaved over this all day. excellent

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mandabears April 25, 2010
Taquito-Enchilada Bake