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Oh My !! This was such a wonderful tasting pudding. I have my own recipe for tapioca pudding but due to time restraints and lack of a few ingredients I thought I would try this one. I am so happy I did. I had used tri-colored pearl tapioca (the pic does not due it justice) as well I used whole milk and simmered for about an hour and it was the right consistency and tender tapioca. I really wished I was at home so I could of used my vanilla paste instead of just the vanilla extract...this really would of brought out a much richer flavor. But will do this the next time when I do make it at my own home. The flavor really came together after sitting in the fridge overnight, it thickened up just perfectly. Just remember to stir it well before serving and adding a sprinkle of the cinnamon really brought out a nice sweet flavor. I had given a few small containers to some of my friends who love this kind of pudding and they really loved this one. So thanks for sharing a great recipe TommyGato.

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FrenchBunny August 05, 2011

I've never made tapioca pudding before and don't own a double boiler, so I was happy to find this recipe using just a regular pot on the stovetop. I soaked the pearls overnight and just made the pudding this morning. I was very careful with the heat and stirred often. The final product seems to have turned out great!! This was a very, very simple way of making it compared to other recipes I've read. I'm sure I'll try one of those some day, but for now I've got a quick, simple way of making this treat.

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catsoplenty March 29, 2010

Yummy! I did leave out the essence and salt. I used 8 green cardamoms and a pinch of saffron dissolved in a little milk. I used low-fat milk to make this slightly guilt-free. A definite keeper! The kheer did thicken more as it cooled and tasted yummier a few hours after it was made.

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Charishma_Ramchandani July 23, 2003

Perfection for a sore mouth - one less tooth & bone grafting later. Thank you for such a soothing easy recipe that even a post-op person holding ice to her face can manage.

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Buster's friend June 29, 2012

I'd like to leave a review with no stars. This was my first experience with tapioca pearls, as opposed to instant tapioca. Because of this, I wasn't quite sure how long to cook the pudding - the soaked pearls looked tranlucent almost as soon as they hit the hot milk, but with the given cooking time of 45 minutes, even allowing for a comparatively smaller size, I thought I should be sure the mixture was cooked through, and continued cooking for about 10 minutes. I can only say this was not one of my more successful cooking adventures. On the other hand, I had wanted to cook pearl tapioca, and now I know what not to do. Thank you for a learning experience.

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mianbao September 30, 2004
Tapioca Pudding