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Thank you, bramble, for an easy to fix, but yummy recipe. I was afraid it would be too spicy for DD. I had leftovers from her b'day at a restaurant to serve her & made the tuna patties for DH & myself. I cut the recipe in half, which was good since I was almost out of horseradish. I think I ended up "underdosing" the patties a bit as far as the horseradish went, but they were still good. My 4 patties cooked a bit quickly, so I would advise broiling no more than 5 minutes for the first side & watching carefully. I squeezed lemon over the patties & that tasted good. I think canned salmon would work well for this recipe too. In the end, DD took a nibble & liked them as well. So next time, I will make the full recipe, separate out the patties & keep hers light on the horseradish.

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Judy from Hawaii February 15, 2004
tangy tuna patties