Tangy Tartar Sauce (Made With Dill Pickles, Not Sweet)

Total Time
1hr 5mins
Prep 5 mins
Cook 1 hr

This tartar sauce is made with dill pickles, or dill pickle relish, instead of sweet pickle relish, as is common with many other recipes. The flavor is bright and fresh, without being overly sweet. I make it with Best Foods/Hellmans light mayo, so it is not too heavy of a condiment, and the kids can have a good portion without turning their healthy baked fish into an unhealthy meal.

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  1. Mix all ingredients together, and allow to stand (refrigerated) for at least an hour.
Most Helpful

I was in the same predicament as the first reviewer and made the same adjustments. It was great! Much better than the bottled crap!

Kimberly B. June 24, 2016

Made this on a whim tonight (as I'm not a fan of tarter sauce and have never made it before) since my husband and kids like tarter sauce and I was making homemade healthier fish sticks so I thought this might make them go down easier. ;). They raced about it and were not happy that I had halved the recipe! (Couldn't see wasting a whole cup of mayo if they didn't like it.) fish sticks came out great (used brown rice krisp cereal as coating) and tarter sauce was a huge hit! Since I was making it last minute I didn't let it sit for an hour and I used a little dried minced onion since I didn't have fresh ready to go. Chopped up a dill pickle and viola! Thanks!

healthyrecipenut April 07, 2015

Comfort classic. Tart, tangy, and paired nicely with baked fish sticks. Made for Spring 2014 Pick a Chef.

Susie D May 24, 2014