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This dressing is EXCELLENT! Plenty of tangy, fresh, delicious flavors and no need for salt, just like you said. (I don't like to use salt anyway.) The mustard and lemon are perfect together. I used only 1/8 C oil, just personal preference - I don't like any salad with too much oil, and I didn't have dried rosemary so used fresh and minced it up. Made a salad of chick peas and bell peppers, celery and tomato all chopped up about the size of the chickpeas. The dressing was so yummy I ended up eating my salad with a spoon so I could get all the 'good stuff' at the bottom of the bowl! Oh... and I wanted to add, for all you hot&spicy lovers, this is also excellent with some cayenne pepper whisked in.

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yogi February 06, 2004

very, very good! Much better after sitting overnight.

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raspberryjello March 08, 2007
Tangy Lemon-Mustard Vinaigrette