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Yum, yumm! This is such a tasty salad although I do need to do some serious adjusting to the fat content next time. I think I can cut the bacon in half without damaging the end result too much. It is a nice mix of a spinach salad with a broccoli salad. I did use craisins instead of raisins because I had a package opened. I don't think it damaged the salad any and the colour is pretty. Thanks for a great recipe.

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GaylaV July 28, 2007

LOVED this salad. However, it does not make 8 servings, as far as I can see? I made up a half recipe for 4 people using Miracle Whip. Ran out and just a bit short but figured it was enough. Looked at what was in my bowl and realized it would never be enough for 4 of us. So made another half recipe but had to use real mayo, as that was all I had left. I'd say this is 6 side-servings. (We like lots of veggies.) I love the flavor the bacon adds, and the combination of ingredients just works so well. I have another broccoli salad I like very much, which has no bacon or egg in it, and that one is lower cal. But this one is a nice change for sometimes. Still licking my lips over this salad from last night.

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MathMom.calif July 17, 2007

This broccoli salad is outstanding! I really enjoyed the addition of spinach to the recipe. I may include some small cubes of cheddar cheese next time I make it, and believe me, I WILL make it again! Thanks for posting!!

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jonesies July 14, 2007
Tangy Broccoli Salad