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For substitution I used oranges for tangerines (as they're not in season). And wow - the marinade was absolutely fantastic. However I was disappointed that the tangyness and the freshness was overpowered almost completely by the snowpeas and the carrots, as happened with the scallops as well. I mopped up the sauce though with a piece of bread (Finnish rieska - recepie #81854 - this is what I call fusion cooking!) and it was delicious. I also found that it's quite easy to prepare ahead - let the carrots marinate in the sauce, and when you're ready put rest of the incredients together.

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kolibri July 04, 2005

We loved this recipe. I used shrimp instead of scallops, added garlic and subbed red and yellow bell peppers for the snow peas. Great way to use those seasonal Clementines.

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sugarpea January 09, 2008

we found the sauce to be very thick and it coated the pasta well. i had to add more orange juice to the mixture and some hot water to thin it out a bit.nice taste with the tangerine zest and juice.

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chia January 20, 2006
Tangerine-Sesame Noodles With Scallops