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I found this recipe by accident about several years ago and it is now a family tradition for Christmas and Easter. My family can't get enough of it. I've never made it with carrots, not many of members of my family are crazy about carrots. I would recommend this recipe to anyone. Don't change a thing! It's moist and juicy, I have to hide the leftovers or there won't be any.

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snowghost December 21, 2012

I have been making this ham for the past 5 years. It has become our tradition at Easter and Christmas. Since my family isn't that taken with cooked carrots, I do not add them to them to the roasting pan. It is a recipe that you can count on every time. I wish I could be this confident with cooking a turkey! You just can't go wrong with this recipe and the aroma makes your mouth water!! Every time you open the oven door to baste it with that wonderful glaze, you want it to be done. I found you do not need the 3 1/2 hours called for in the recipe...I usually make a 10-12 lb ham. I have made small changes. I omit the water all together and make 1 cup of tangerine juice for a more concentrated but not overpowering flavor. Do make sure you use unsalted butter, and everything else stays the same. I usually get the ham in the oven and right away start on the glaze. Without the water it becomes more syrupy. After 1 hour in the oven I pour the hot glaze all over the ham, then baste every 20 minutes for the next 1 and 20 minutes. Turns out gorgeous, a real showstopper & everyone wants more. Extremely easy, turns out great. Will be your favorite ham recipe, maybe even your new tradition. One other note, remove the cloves from the glaze before pouring over the ham, biting into one of those will definitely ruin what you have been waiting for, for 3 hrs....experience :) Enjoy!

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CiaoBellaChow January 18, 2012

I did review this @ foodnetwork.com. Incredible flavor will make again. Pictures look dark, but flavor is worth the work.

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Cathey56 October 11, 2011

I was just getting ready to post this and here it is! Crusty on the outside and moist and flavorful on the inside, this is awesome. The glaze is not too sweet at all and goes perfectly with red potatoes and baby carrots. I have made this several times now and substituting OJ for tangerine juice doesn't seem to matter much, but use some tangerine if you can. It takes me almost an hour to get the glaze to a syrupy consistency, I have even used some cornstarch to help thicken it up. I scatter baby carrots around the ham and coat in the tangerine glaze for the last 45 minutes to an hour of baking until the carrots are tender. So easy and fool proof, you will get rave reviews on this one! Thanks for posting, shimmchk!

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Scoutie April 04, 2009
Tangerine Glazed Ham With Fresh Sage