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Made this recipes as "sliders" as a party appetizer for NYE. I used 1lb ground turkey instead of chicken, add 4 cloves of garlic, a can of chickpeas (coarsely chopped) and extra garam masala. I put them on wheat Hawaiian sweet rolls. I had diced the red onion and put that on the bottom bun and a sliced cucumber on top of the burger (both onions and sliced cucumbers marinated in mint, pear-balsalmic vinegar, and a dash of EVOO, overnight). This made for an excellent presentation and made 21 sliders. Everyone at the party raved! Thanks for the idea! Will try again soon with ground chicken!

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likethebird January 02, 2011

Just made these tonight on the grill and they turned out beautifully! I'm not a fan of cucumbers or onions, and I wasn't sure whether my two guests liked them either, so I didn't make the minted cucumbers. I tried to take the recommendation for satay sauce, but couldn't find any at the store-- so I took a gamble and just served the burgers with lettuce and some Mango & Ginger Chutney from a jar (Truly Indian brand). It turned out a hit! The chutney added a summery flair to a burger that's delicious on its own. i LOVE this recipe!!! Thanks for posting it! ^_^

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joyfulnoise June 12, 2008

I was pretty sure I'd like these, but wow, I really liked these a lot. The onion, mint and cucumber is a combination I've had before, but not quite like this, and never on a burger. The mint gives this such a wonderful and fresh flavor. Since a grill was not an option, I improvised and broiled these in my electric oven. I preheated the oven, lined a pan (with sides to catch any drippings) with foil and then put the burgers on a cooling rack on top of that. I cooked the same times as indicated in the recipe, and it was perfect (I used a meat thermometer to confirm), and they looked almost grilled (not quite the real thing, but close!). I do think I would do as others have suggested by adding a Satay sauce just to add a little something on top and maybe even a little more of the spices, but even as is, these were really, really wonderful. Thanks for sharing an excellent and simple recipe!

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Maggie, Cooking April 30, 2008

These were the most flavorful, delicious burgers ever! My fiance, my son, and I loved them! I took the suggestion of Fairy Nuff and used Satay sauce on the burgers and it complimented them terrifically! Thanks for an awesome recipe, GaylJ!!

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StrikingEyes00 May 08, 2007

This is a wonderfully tasty burger recipe! I followed the directions (used chicken breast which I whizzed in the food processor) but just had to add some chopped fresh coriander to the burger mix. Wonderful flavours and so easy to make. The minted cucumbers were a great crunchy addition ( I used a splash of balsamic and an equal splash of olive oil for the dressing. I served these with chunky potato wedges and satay sauce. Thanks Gayla for a yummy recipe!

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Fairy Nuff March 12, 2006
Tandoori Chicken Burgers With Minted Cucumbers